About ordering method|Noren MURO, a specialty store of rice malt and amazake [official mail order]

how to order

① Choose a product

Once you have decided on the product you want, select the quantity, check the required items for confirmation, select "Accepted" if you are satisfied, and click "Add to Cart" to proceed to the payment screen. please give me.
If you would like to purchase multiple items, click "Continue shopping" at the top of the payment screen to return to the shopping screen.

  • Please note that when purchasing with Amazon Pay, items such as gifts cannot be used if the orderer's address and the delivery address are different.
  • If the delivery address is different for each product, please place separate orders for each delivery address.
  • Please note that due to a high volume of orders, some items may run out of stock after being added to the cart.

② Specify date and time

Click the cart icon on the top right of the page to go to the cart page.

If you want to specify the date and time, you can choose to specify the desired delivery date and time at the bottom of the cart page.
If you do not specify a delivery date, we will ship on the shortest delivery date. If you do not specify the date and time, it may be delivered earlier.

  • Please note that if you click "Proceed to payment" or "Buy with Amazon Pay" before specifying the date and time at the bottom of the cart page, you will not be able to specify the date and time .
  • Please note that if multiple items are shipped to the same address, they will be shipped as soon as they are all ready.
  • Items that are pre-ordered, backordered, or shipped from XX days will be delivered as soon as they arrive.

③ Purchase procedure

After confirming that there is no problem with the items in the cart, click "Proceed to payment". Enter "contact information (orderer's email address)", "delivery address", "delivery method", and "payment method", and if there is no problem with the contents, click "pay now" to place the order. is completed.

[MURO Mile members]

If you have a coupon code, enter the code starting with "LL-" in the coupon code field displayed on the payment screen to apply the discount.

④ Confirmation of order details

After completing your order, you will receive an "order confirmation email" at your registered email address. If you are a MURO member, you can also check from the "My Account Page".

[If you do not receive an order confirmation email]

If you are using a mobile email address (docomo/au/softbank, etc.) or a free email address (hotmail, YahooMail, Gmail, etc.) and do not receive an order confirmation email, please check the settings below in advance. I will.

About returns and cancellations after ordering

Please note that due to the nature of food products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience.

About inquiry

Online Store Inquiry Center: Please contact info@koujiamasake.jp .

[Inquiries after ordering]

Please include the following two points in your e-mail and contact us at the above address.
・Order number starting with 11 ・Orderer's name

[Inquiry response time]

Weekdays: 9:00-18:00

  • Inquiries outside of business hours will be handled sequentially from the next business day.

About MURO Mile Members

If you register as a member, you can check your order history from My Page and earn MURO miles by shopping, so please use it.
MURO ​​miles can be used for payment at the official online store as a 500 yen discount coupon for every 50,000 miles. Please refer to the following page for details.

  • Accumulated MURO miles and redeemed coupon codes do not have an expiration date, so please use them whenever you like.
  • You can check the issued coupon code at any time on the MURO Mile member page until you use it.