[2 types] The difference between koji amazake and sake lees amazake

Did you know that there are two types of amazake?
I will explain the difference in detail.

Did you know that there are two types of amazake?
There are two types of amazake: “rice koji amazake” made from rice and koji, and “sake lees amazake” made from sake lees. What is gaining attention now is rice koji amazake, which does not contain alcohol and is made only from rice and rice koji. First, let's take a look at the differences between each.

2 types of amazake! The difference between how to make rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake

  • Rice

    The rice is washed and soaked to allow the rice to absorb the optimum amount of moisture.
  • steamed rice

    It is a process in which each grain of rice is evenly and evenly heated.
  • Malted rice

    Amazake Type 1 Aspergillus oryzae is a type of edible mold that converts rice starch into sugar and protein into amino acids.
    Kome-koji amazake is made by simply fermenting rice and aspergillus oryzae to decompose the rice and make amazake with the original sweetness of the rice.
  • mash

    When yeast is added, the sugar in the rice begins to turn into alcohol, creating a state just before sake called moromi (moromi).
  • sake lees

    Amazake type 2 sake lees is the remaining ingredient after extracting sake from moromi.
    Sake lees amazake is made by adding yeast to rice malt, which makes it more nutritious, but it contains alcohol and sugar is added to adjust the sweetness.
  • sake

Amazake type 1 alcohol zero! What is rice koji amazake?

The ingredients are only "rice" and "rice koji". Contains no sugar or alcohol . The enzymes in the koji transform the starch in the rice into glucose, so you can enjoy the natural sweetness without adding sugar.
It does not contain alcohol, so even small children and pregnant women can drink it.

Amazake type 2 What is sake lees amazake?

Amazake is made by dissolving sake lees, which is produced when making Japanese sake, in water and adding sugar to give sweetness. Because it uses sake lees, it contains a small amount of alcohol , so children and pregnant women cannot drink it.
It has a unique aroma and sweetness, so it seems that people who don't like amazake have a strong impression of this amazake.

How to distinguish between rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake by looking at the ingredients

Both are called "Amazake", but the ingredients and taste are completely different. To tell the difference, look at the ingredient label.

【how to distinguish】
①Rice malt amazake → Ingredients include “rice malt” ②Sake lees amazake → Ingredients include “sake lees”

The texture is also different, with rice koji amazake having grains of rice remaining, and sake lees amazake being thick and liquid.
I have listed the differences.

Amazake made with rice malt Sake lees amazake
raw materials Rice, rice koji, water sake lees, water, sugar
how to make Add koji mold to cooked rice or porridge to ferment Sake lees, which is made by pressing sake moromi, is dissolved in water and sugar is added.
alcohol not included Contains a little (Not recommended for pregnant women and children)
sweetness No sugar , so natural sweetness sweeten with sugar
calorie Lower than sake lees amazake high in calories

I want to know more about Kome-Koji AmazakeFrequently Asked Questions

  • How much should I drink in a day?
    A good rule of thumb is 100-200ml. For details, please refer to How to Drink Amazake .
  • If I take it daily, when is it good?
    Morning is recommended. Because there are many carbohydrates (glucose) and vitamins, you can smoothly replenish energy.
    It's easy to digest and absorb, so it won't strain your stomach just after waking up. Next, it is recommended before going to bed. Amazake has a relaxing effect and is said to be good for improving stress. For details, please refer to How to Drink Amazake .

Amazake to choose from characteristics

  • for beginners

    A bulk purchase set of our original amazake "Kagurazaka amazake" 500ml and sweet and sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake "Shirakami Sasara" all flavors.
  • Amazake with fruit juice

    By adding sourness, sweetness and sourness are harmonized, making it easy to drink and smooth amazake. Everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy it.
  • Pure rice amazake

    Rice, koji and water.
    Junmai amazake made from rice malt, which was created by multiplying only these two ingredients, has a different flavor and texture depending on who makes it.
  • brown rice amazake

    It has a richer flavor than Tokujunmai amazake, with a moderate sweetness and a fragrant aroma.
    It is also low in calories and makes a great gift for health-conscious people.