How to use the coupon code | Ren MURO, a specialty store for rice koji and amazake [official mail order]

How to use

① Enter the coupon code on the payment screen

Add the desired product to the cart and click "Proceed to payment" to proceed to the payment screen. Enter your coupon code in the "Coupon Code" field.
After inputting, click "Apply" on the PC screen and "→" on the mobile screen.

  • You must be logged in to view and use coupon codes. Please log in first before proceeding to the payment screen.
[How to check the coupon code]

Click "Use MURO Miles" on the MURO Mile Membership page , and click "View reward" in the "List of rewards you've earned" to display the coupon code you exchanged at any time.
You can copy the code by clicking the icon to the right of the coupon code.

② Confirm the discount amount and complete the order

If you enter the coupon correctly, the coupon code will be displayed and the discount amount will be displayed in the discount field. Please make sure that the total amount is also recalculated to the discounted amount.
Please continue the procedure until the order is completed.

  • Coupon code can only be used before the order is confirmed. Please note that it cannot be used after the order is completed.

About error

If the discount amount is not reflected or an alert is displayed that the item is not valid, the coupon code has not been reflected and the discount has not been applied.

There are many possible causes:

  • Wrong entry of coupon code
  • The coupon code is entered in full-width alphanumeric characters (Please enter in half-width characters)
  • There are spaces before and after the coupon code (spaces are also recognized as characters)
  • You are entering a coupon code that has already been used
  • Coupon does not meet the usage conditions (can be used for XX yen or more, ineligible products, etc.)

Notes about coupons

・Coupons cannot be applied after the order is confirmed. Before pressing the order confirmation button, please check if the coupon is reflected and the discount is reflected.

・If you cancel an order that uses a coupon, the coupon that has a one-time usage condition will expire at the same time as the cancellation and cannot be used for reordering.