Nutrition and effect of rice koji amazake

What is rice malt amazake?

Kome-koji amazake, also known as a “drinkable drip”, is a fermented food made mainly from rice, kome-koji, and water. The origin of amazake dates back to the Kofun period. Due to its abundance of nutrients, it is expected to have various effects and efficacy in terms of health and beauty.

Main nutrients contained in rice malt amazake

  • B vitamins

    Amazake contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin, and other essential nutrients for our bodies that are involved in protein synthesis and lipid metabolism . It promotes the metabolism of lipids, so it can help with dieting, and it activates the cells of the skin and mucous membranes, so you can expect a beautiful skin effect. Amazake, in particular, has an absorption rate of over 90%.
  • glucose

    It is made by breaking down the starch in rice with the enzymes of koji mold, and is a nutrient that serves as an energy source to move the brain and body. Amazake, which contains these ingredients, is ideal for times when you don't have time to eat, such as in the morning, because it doesn't need to be digested in the body and directly becomes energy for the brain and body . It also gives you a feeling of fullness, which helps you lose weight.
  • Essential amino acids

    Amazake contains all 9 kinds of essential amino acids that cannot be produced in the body , and it leads to various effects such as recovery from fatigue, improvement of immunity, beautiful skin effect and sound sleep effect.
  • kojic acid

    Kojic acid, which is produced when koji mold ferments rice, suppresses the production of melanin, which causes spots and freckles, and is expected to have a whitening effect.
    It also has anti-glycation and antioxidant properties, helping to prevent aging in the body.
  • Oligosaccharides/dietary fiber

    The abundant oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in amazake are nutrients that regulate the intestinal environment .
    Oligosaccharides feed good bacteria, and dietary fiber traps accumulated wastes and promotes bowel movements. This will improve the intestinal environment and improve immunity.

Effects that you can expect a lot of things that are good for your health and skin

nice for your skin
One cup a day is full of good things
Kagurazaka Amazake
happy to be healthy
Glucosylceramide resistant protein
N-Acetylglucosamine is a natural active ingredient contained in rice koji amazake.
  • Improving immunity

    We often hear that it is important to maintain the intestinal environment for good health, but that is because about 70% of the immune cells are concentrated in the intestine .
    It is attracting attention that keeping the intestines, which mainly control the immune function of the human body, in a good environment is very important for protecting the body.

    There are three types of bacteria in the intestines: good bacteria, bad bacteria, and opportunistic bacteria, and it is important to keep these in an ideal balance. Amazake made from rice koji contains koji mold, which is good bacteria, and is rich in oligosaccharides and dietary fiber that feed good bacteria. It helps you get organized .
  • Improve intestinal function

    The oligosaccharides contained in rice koji amazake serve as food for good bacteria in the intestines (especially bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria), so the more food you have, the more good bacteria there will be. The good bacteria produce lactic acid and acetic acid to stimulate the intestines and help improve constipation .
    In addition, the short-chain fatty acid (butyric acid) produced by the breakdown of the dietary fiber contained in amazake serves as an energy source for cell proliferation in the mucous membrane of the large intestine, and is said to prevent the onset of polyps and tumors (Sawai). Quoted from Pharmaceutical). If the intestines that hold these bacteria are cold, it will be difficult for the bacteria to become active, so we recommend warming amazake and drinking it in winter.
  • UP of beautiful skin power

    One of the reasons why rice malt amazake is called a “drinkable serum” is that it contains all kinds of B vitamins. Vitamin B group, which promotes metabolism and smoothly flushes out waste products, helps keep your skin healthy .
    In addition, the main component of the skin is amino acids, but rice koji amazake contains all the essential amino acids, so this point is also attracting attention as it supports moisturizing from the inside of the body. Furthermore, glucosylceramide contained in rice and rice malt is a component of ceramide in the stratum corneum, and it is said to have the function of increasing the moisturizing power of the skin. It is expected to be effective in increasing layer moisture content.

The history of amazake , a fermented drink that has supported the Japanese people

  • Amazake has been drunk by Japanese people since the Nara period, and it seems that it was a drink offered to the gods at that time.
    There are various theories about the origin of koji amazake, but in Japan it dates back to the Kofun period. In the Nihon Shoki, there is a description that ``Konohana Sakuya Hime, the god of sake brewing, created a drink called Amanotamuzake.''
    As the kanji character suggests, it must have been a sweet sake. There is also a description of "koshu", and these two liquors are said to be the origin of the current koji amazake.
  • During the Heian period, it was popular among aristocrats as a luxurious drink that was chilled using ice from an ice room, and it seems to have spread to the common people in the latter half of the Edo period. In summer in the towns of Edo and Kyoto, amazake-uri (sweet sake sellers) parade around the streets, and this has become a seasonal tradition in haiku.
    Not only is amazake sweet and delicious, but it also has excellent health benefits, so it is said to be a “drinkable intravenous drip” to prevent summer fatigue. is.

I want to know more about Kome-Koji AmazakeFrequently Asked Questions

  • How much should I drink in a day?
    A good rule of thumb is 100-200ml. For details, please refer to How to Drink Amazake .
  • If I take it daily, when is it good?
    Morning is recommended. Because there are many carbohydrates (glucose) and vitamins, you can smoothly replenish energy.
    It's easy to digest and absorb, so it won't strain your stomach just after waking up. Next, it is recommended before going to bed. Amazake has a relaxing effect and is said to be good for improving stress. For details, please refer to How to Drink Amazake .
  • Doesn't it contain alcohol?
    All Ren MURO amazake does not contain alcohol.
    There are two main types of amazake: “rice koji amazake,” which is made by fermenting rice with rice koji, and “sake lees amazake,” which is made by dissolving sake lees with sugar. "Sake lees amazake" is said to contain a trace amount of alcohol (genre is a soft drink), but "rice koji amazake" does not contain any alcohol.
    Ren MURO only sells "Komekoji Amazake". It's safe and non-alcoholic, so anyone can enjoy it, including those who don't like alcohol, children, and pregnant women.
  • I drank it when I was a child, and I have the impression that I'm not good at it...
    Maybe it's the impression of sake lees amazake. Many of our customers who come to us feel the same way.
    For more information, please see the table below "Differences between amazake made from rice malt and sake lees". If you drink easy-to-drink and delicious rice malt amazake, your impression of amazake may change significantly.

The difference between fermented drinks that have supported the Japanese people, rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake

I summarized the difference between rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake. All of our products are amazake made from rice malt.

Amazake made with rice malt Sake lees amazake
raw materials Rice, rice koji, water sake lees, water, sugar
how to make Add koji mold to cooked rice or porridge to ferment Sake lees, which is made by pressing sake moromi, is dissolved in water and sugar is added.
alcohol not included Contains a little (Not recommended for pregnant women and children)
sweetness No sugar , so natural sweetness sweeten with sugar
calorie Lower than sake lees amazake high in calories

Amazake to choose from characteristics

  • for beginners

    A bulk purchase set of our original amazake "Kagurazaka amazake" 500ml and sweet and sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake "Shirakami Sasara" all flavors.
  • Amazake with fruit juice

    By adding sourness, sweetness and sourness are harmonized, making it easy to drink and smooth amazake. Everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy it.
  • Pure rice amazake

    Rice, koji and water.
    Junmai amazake made from rice malt, which was created by multiplying only these two ingredients, has a different flavor and texture depending on who makes it.
  • brown rice amazake

    It has a richer flavor than Tokujunmai amazake, with a moderate sweetness and a fragrant aroma.
    It is also low in calories and makes a great gift for health-conscious people.