A sweet sake specialty store teaches you the effects and efficacy of amazake, which is said to be a drinking drip, and its actual experience

Hello. I am a former registered dietician and a staff member of Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake. Rice malt amazake, which is said to be a “drinkable drip” , is expected to have various effects and efficacy in terms of health and beauty due to its richness of nutrients. In this blog, I tried to summarize the effects and efficacy of various nutrients of rice koji amazake, and the actual experience of our staff who continued to live with such kome koji amazake for a month.

Effect and efficacy of rice koji amazake

  • Intestinal function

    The oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in rice malt amazake improve the intestinal environment and promote bowel movements. Oligosaccharides serve as food for good bacteria, and dietary fiber traps accumulated waste products, so these nutrients work to improve the intestinal environment.
    In addition, by eating amazake containing lactic acid bacteria , or by pouring amazake over yogurt, the lactic acid bacteria will help regulate the intestinal environment, so you can expect further effects for those who suffer from constipation.

  • Whitening/beautiful skin

    Amazake is also effective for beautiful skin, as the abundant B vitamins contained in amazake activate skin cells, and the kojic acid contained in koji mold suppresses the production of melanin, which causes dark spots.
    It also contains nutrients with strong antioxidant effects such as ergothioneine and arbutin, which promote skin turnover, so you can expect a whitening effect that is also called a "drinkable sunscreen."

  • good sleep

    It contains GABA , which is said to relieve fatigue and stress, and promotes the production of serotonin, which is said to be a sleep hormone.
    However, it is high in calories, so be careful not to drink too much and drink about 100ml slowly.

  • Fatigue recovery

    The glucose and amino acids contained in amazake are the smallest nutrients that can be absorbed by the human body, so they do not need to be decomposed and can be used directly as energy for the brain and body. Perfect for when you don't have time to eat in the morning, or for replenishing your energy after exercising.
    In addition, rich vitamin B group such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, niacin promotes fatigue recovery.
    Amazake, in particular, has an absorption rate of over 90% , so you can take in nutrients efficiently.

  • boost immunity

    Rich in B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, and niacin, which were explained above, are essential nutrients for our bodies, involved in protein synthesis and lipid metabolism. It prompts me.
    In addition, it contains all 9 types of essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the human body, and these lead to various effects such as recovery from fatigue, boosting immunity, beautiful skin and sound sleep, and are indispensable for building a healthy body. It does a lot of different things.
    Consuming these nutrients on a regular basis will help boost your immune system.

Amazake to choose from characteristics

  • for beginners

    A bulk purchase set of our original amazake "Kagurazaka amazake" 500ml and sweet and sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake "Shirakami Sasara" all flavors.
  • Amazake with fruit juice

    By adding sourness, sweetness and sourness are harmonized, making it easy to drink and smooth amazake. Everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy it.
  • Pure rice amazake

    Rice, koji and water.
    Junmai amazake made from rice malt, which was created by multiplying only these two ingredients, has a different flavor and texture depending on who makes it.
  • brown rice amazake

    It has a richer flavor than Tokujunmai amazake, with a moderate sweetness and a fragrant aroma.
    It is also low in calories and makes a great gift for health-conscious people.

The staff tried it! Impressions after continuing the amazake life for a month

“Is it really possible to feel such an effect? I think there are many people who thought.
Therefore, in order to realize these effects, our staff continued the rice koji amazake life for one month.

Amazake 1 month life impressions

It's been 1 months since I've been living with sweet sake. It became a habit to drink every day, and I started to get noisy when I was about to run out of stock.
I've come to enjoy the difference in taste in the past month of amazake life. I made my own from raw koji and dried koji, compared the difference in taste, and bought amazake from MURO's online shop and enjoyed the taste of a professional. .

  • Impressions of handmade amazake

    It was easy! No habit!
    Maybe you don't realize it's amazake. If you don't like amazake, it might be a good idea to try making it yourself.
    Sweetness can be adjusted
    The sweetness changes considerably with fermentation time. When the fermentation time exceeds 10 hours, it becomes as sweet as syrup! I was impressed by the koji mold that produces this sweetness without using sugar.
    Try using fresh koji and dried koji
    <Difference in throat>
    There is a difference in how it goes down the throat. The sweet aftertaste that remains when it passes through the throat is refreshing, and the raw koji is not harsh.
    <Difference in taste>
    There is a difference in mouthfeel. There was a feeling that the core of the rice koji was a little easy to remain in the dried koji and remained in the mouth.
    I personally recommend raw koji!
    Also, maybe because I made it myself, I felt it was kind of lovely.
  • Impressions of professional amazake

    Individuality shines in the creator
    This time, I bought a lot of amazake at MURO's food loss reduction sale.
    The taste is different depending on the maker, so there is a pleasure that you can't understand unless you drink it. Each flavor shines with its own uniqueness, such as the aroma when you put it in your mouth, the aftertaste that lingers in your mouth, and the grainy texture.
    All of them are different from the amazake that you generally think of, so I would like you to try it once.
  • Effects I realized after continuing to drink amazake

    I feel better!
    I don't suffer from constipation, but I can still feel the effect. Good bacteria are very active, and you can get good news from your body every day.
    My skin has become beautiful!
    I think that there was an effect of improving communication. I didn't mind even when my skin was prone to rashes.
    Consume less sugar!
    In my case, I was taking it mainly as a snack, but as I was more satisfied with the sweetness of amazake, it decreased as a result. A month of amazake life was a lot of good things for me! I would like to continue.

It's surprising that you can get such a real feeling in a month of amazake life. I can't help but feel that I can get more realization by continuing further. I myself have experienced the effects of amazake, such as improving my digestion, clearing my skin, and not catching a cold.
If you continue for a month, I think you can feel the effect firmly,

“One month is a high hurdle. . . 』
For those who say, there are many voices that you can feel it if you continue for two weeks, so it is recommended. *There are individual differences.
I would be happy if the effects and efficacy of rice koji amazake and its splendor were conveyed even a little.

Amazake set for one week recommended for beginners

At Ren MURO, we have prepared a one-week amazake set that is easy to drink even for beginners.
The contents of the set are our original “Kagurazaka amazake” plain and all flavors of “Shirakami Sasara” . Kagurazaka Amazake plain is the most popular because it is easy to drink. "Shirakami Sasara" comes in a small plastic bottle, so if you forget to take it in the morning, you can put it in your bag and drink it anywhere. There are 5 flavors in total, so you can enjoy changing the taste every day. First of all, why don't you start the habit of drinking amazake every day for a week?

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Introduction of 1 week set

  • Kagurazaka amazake plain 500ml
    x 1

    Kagurazaka Amazake
    Our store's original rice malt amazake
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  • Shirakami Sasara 4 types x 1 each

    Sasara Shirakami
    Sweet and sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake

Bulk purchases and regular flights that are advantageous for those who want to enhance their beauty and health benefits

  • Amazake set for 3 weeks

    A set of 12 bottles of 500ml size is recommended if you want to drink 1 cup (150ml) of amazake every day for 3 weeks. Let's get started with a 5% discount on bulk purchases!
  • amazake regular service

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