MURO ​​tote bag large size
MURO ​​tote bag large size

Ren MURO Original ShopperMURO ​​tote bag large size

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  • Ren MURO original shopper, large size.

    We have paper bags available for you to use. If you need it, please put it in the shopping cart together with the product.
    The natural-textured paper bags with the Ren MURO logo are perfect for gifts and souvenirs. If you want to carry it around for a long time, we recommend using two layers.

3 variations

  • for 1

    It is a size that one bottle can be handed smartly.
    [Size] W110mm x H365mm x D100mm
  • medium size

    Ideal for handing over products in cosmetic boxes.
    [Size] W340mm x H320mm x D220mm
  • large size

    Ideal for handing over products in cosmetic boxes.
    [Size] W450mm x H455mm x D220mm

Points recommended by our staff <br>Become our original shopper. It is a paper bag that is perfect for handing over, and has been well received for its smart portability.

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