About gift wrapping

On this site, we offer LEN MURO original gift sets carefully selected by our staff.

All gift sets are available with wrapping .
If you are looking for a wrapped gift, please choose from the gift set.
* Items other than gift sets cannot be wrapped.

In a gift set
Noshi hanging and gift card service
We also do

If you would like to receive it, please check [About Noshi] and [About Gift Cart] below.
Please select when ordering.

  • The image above is an image.
    We will wrap the product according to the product, so we cannot accept requests for materials .
  • If you would like to use condolence wrapping paper without hanging paper, please contact us by email after placing your order.
  • We do not support wrapping other products in the gift set or wrapping products other than the gift set. Thank you for your understanding.

About Noshi

When purchasing a gift set, we also accept noshi hanging.
Customers who wish to hang Noshi, please select the desired Mizuhiki and writing from the Noshi selection column on the page of the target product. It will be supported by gaito.

  • Please make sure to select before adding the item to the cart .

Noshi Guide

There are two types of noshi paper, depending on the application, the shape of the mizuhiki is "bow knot" and "knot cut".
Please choose the shape of mizuhiki depending on whether the scene to be gifted is "one time only" or "I want it to happen many times".


Since it can be re-tied many times, it is used for "things you want many times". For general celebrations, choose a bow. Examples: baby gifts, family celebrations, Shichi-go-san festivals, school entrance and graduation, celebrations of children's growth such as adults, celebrations of longevity such as 60th birthday, celebrations of new construction and relocation, etc.

knot cutting

A knot is a tight knot that is difficult to untie. Since it expresses "things that should only happen once" and "things that should never be repeated" in life, it is used for mourning, sympathy, weddings, etc.
For celebrations that can be repeated many times or for celebrations where the "bow knot" used for gratitude is not appropriate, please select the "cut knot". Examples: wedding gifts, family celebrations, visits, recovery celebrations, general mourning, etc.

About gift cards

You can also include a gift card when purchasing a gift set.
You can choose your favorite card from the 5 types in the image below, so please select from the message card selection column on the target product page.

  • It is not possible to add an address or message to the card.
  • Gift card services may be suspended during busy periods .

About paper bags

We have paper bags available for you to use.
If you need it, please put it in the shopping cart together with the product.

  • If you purchase only the paper bag, there will be an additional shipping charge. Please purchase it together with the product.
  • Please note that the color of the product may vary slightly depending on your PC environment.
  • Please refrain from returning or exchanging this product.