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Thoughts of Noren MURO

through Amazake
Contributing to people's healthy lives in both mind and body

A non-alcoholic rice koji and amazake specialty store based on the concept of "contributing to people's health in mind and body through amazake."
Kagurazaka once prospered as a shipping port for ingredients such as rice, miso, soy sauce, and sake. From this historic land, the rice koji and amazake specialty store "Noren MURO" is itself an amazake lover and amazake researcher, and is disseminating the charm of amazake, a traditional Japanese ingredient that is still unknown.

I want to convey the charm of rice koji and amazake

Amazake itself has a long history and is said to have existed since the Kofun period. It is said that the deliciousness of rice malt amazake, which has been handed down since ancient times in Japan, and the nutrients that are good for health and beauty, activate the power of nature that we humans originally possess. I thought that spreading the charm of such rice koji and amazake might help people's bodies and hearts.

The amazake displayed in the shop is made by manufacturers of miso, soy sauce, sake breweries, and farmers that have been around since the Muromachi period. The rice and water grown in various regions, climates, and soils, and the long experience, research, and philosophy of the creators have improved and handed down koji amazake, which is a history of valuing people and nature.

Amazake selected by Noren MURO

Based on the mission of Noren MURO, we carefully select and handle amazake with a focus on ingredients and production areas. The most important thing is deliciousness. Amazake is a good drink for the intestinal microflora, as well as the moment you drink it. The staff listens to tastings, the natural environment of the brewery, and the thoughts and attitudes of the brewers, and after repeated discussions, we select only amazake that we would like to recommend to our customers. As a store specializing in amazake, we offer limited edition amazake, amazake that is rarely seen in the market, as well as rare koji starters, rice koji, fermented seasonings, and other ingredients for making amazake. We also focus on handling.

We are committed to using high-purity raw materials, and we have amazake made from yellow koji, black koji, and white koji. Organic pure rice, brown rice, black rice, glutinous rice, pearl barley, fermented vegetables and fruits, squeezed products, smoothies, etc., are deep within the category of amazake, and some are trying to go beyond the realm. We also respect the research and development of people, bean sprout vendors, and universities.

In addition, we value producers who are close to the local community and craftsmen who are passionate about making amazake, and we order amazake from all over the country, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. We hope that you will find your favorite one, meet your favorite maker, and make it a part of your healthy body and mind.

I want to spread the splendor of rice koji from Kagurazaka

Hiroshige Utagawa

Kagurazaka is not only a city full of history, but also a food town with many really delicious restaurants. In the history and culture that various things such as food, sake, and lumber were brought from the unloading yard of Edo Castle's outer moat Kanda River, miso, soy sauce, sake, soup stock, etc. are the foundations that support people's lives. .

I learned that the deepest part of this is fermentation and koji mold, which is said to be a "national fungus". I felt that this is the source of the deliciousness of fermented food, and also the source of health. Fermentation and the relationship with fungi take a lot of time and effort, but I decided to start a store specializing in rice koji and amazake, in order to cherish the culture and goodness of it and spread it to the world.

The staff, myself included, continue to drink rice malt amazake and feel its effects. Amazake, which is said to be a "drinkable drip", entered my body when I was sick and had no appetite. As a result, I have experienced many times that my physical condition has recovered and I have become energetic. In recent years, scientific elucidation of the intestinal flora has progressed, and it is said that fermented foods and fermented beverages are compatible. For people of all ages, men and women who care about their beauty from the inside and outside, and top athletes who are active on the front line by managing their physical condition on a daily basis. In addition, we are conducting joint research with multiple universities on the ingredients that are useful for health and the effects on the intestines. From Kagurazaka, we would like to convey the wonderfulness and potential of this rice koji and amazake.

Corazon Co., Ltd. Representative Director Tomonori Ohmura