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First of all, do you want to get your skin and body in 1 weeks?

Rice malt amazake is rich in essential amino acids, glucose, vitamin B group, etc. It is also called a "drinkable intravenous drip" because of almost the same ingredients as an intravenous drip. In addition, kojic acid is expected to have a whitening effect, so it has recently been attracting attention as a “drinkable beauty essence”.

nice for your skin
One cup a day is full of good things
Kagurazaka Amazake
happy to be healthy
Glucosylceramide resistant protein
N-Acetylglucosamine is a natural active ingredient contained in rice koji amazake.

Non-alcoholic, non-sugar,
Since it is additive-free ,
Anyone can enjoy it.

MURO's rice koji amazake is a non-alcoholic, non-sugar, additive-free fermented food that does not contain any unnecessary ingredients. It is recommended for everyone, from babies to the elderly, those who are busy and tend to have irregular lifestyles, those who are concerned about skin problems, and those who want to easily supplement their nutrition.

  • For skin care from the inside
  • For those who have a lot of irregular lives at work
  • To recover from physical fatigue
  • for health maintenance
  • To nourish a tired brain
  • For pregnant women and babies

Amazake life for a week at MURO recommended for first-timers

  • Kagurazaka Amazake 150ml

    150ml of Kagurazaka Amazake 500ml. Start with an easy-to-drink plain flavor!
  • Kagurazaka Amazake 150ml

    Following the first day, 150ml of Kagurazaka Amazake 500ml.
  • Kagurazaka Amazake 200ml

    200ml of Kagurazaka Amazake 500ml. Drink up the first bottle in 3 days!
  • Sasara Shirakami Plain

    A plain bottle of lactobacillus Amazake "Shirakami Sasara" in a plastic bottle. Easy to drink even on busy mornings!
  • Sasara Shirakami mandarin orange

    5th day of koji amazake life!
  • Sasara Shirakami Apple

    One apple of lactobacillus Amazake "Shirakami Sasara". Refreshingly sweet and sour with fruit juice.
  • Yuzu Shirakami

    One Yuzu of lactobacillus Amazake "Shirakami Sasara". Rest and refresh your tired body from work on your days off!
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Introduction of 1 week set

  • Kagurazaka amazake plain 500ml
    x 1

    Kagurazaka Amazake
    Our store's original rice malt amazake
  • +
  • Shirakami Sasara 4 types x 1 each

    Sasara Shirakami
    Sweet and sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake

We also recommend this arrangement

Voices of joy are being received one after another. Voices of customers

    • ★★★★★ This amazake I received from a kind acquaintance was so delicious that I ordered it. Gentle amazake. It is the best for intestinal activity and summer gastrointestinal fatigue. There are various flavors, so I hope you will continue to enjoy them.
    • ★★★★★ Drinking as a morning habit After waking up every morning, after gargling and drinking water, I drink 150cc of chilled amazake with a little carbonated water.
      It's already become a habit, and I'm reordering each time with only one amazake remaining. Until I tried this amazake, I never drank it.
    • ★★★★★ I'm repeating this because it's refreshingly sweet and easy to drink. With 4 types, you can choose the flavor according to your mood of the day, so you can drink without getting bored.
    • ★★★★★ Easiness to drink No1 I have drunk many kinds of amazake so far, but I think this series is the easiest to drink.
      It tastes like drinking yogurt and has a refreshing flavor. In addition, I think that the content is just right as the amount to drink at once.

The main nutrients contained in rice malt amazake , which is pleasing to the skin and body

  • B vitamins

    It is an essential nutrient for our bodies involved in protein synthesis and lipid metabolism, and amazake is rich in these nutrients.
    You can expect it to help you with your diet and have a beautiful skin effect. Amazake, in particular, has an absorption rate of over 90%.
  • glucose

    Nutrients that serve as an energy source to move the brain and body, do not need to be digested in the body, and directly become energy for the brain and body. As a result, brain activation and fatigue recovery effects can be obtained.
  • Essential amino acids

    Amazake is a well-balanced intake of nine types of amino acids that cannot be synthesized in the body. By taking these, it leads to various effects such as fatigue recovery, immunity improvement, beautiful skin effect and sound sleep effect.
    In addition, amino acids are particularly easy to lose through sweat, so it is especially recommended in the summer.

Frequently asked questions for first-time amazake drinkers

  • How much should I drink in a day?
    A good rule of thumb is 100-200ml. For details, please refer to How to Drink Amazake .
  • If I take it daily, when is it good?
    Morning is recommended. Because there are many carbohydrates (glucose) and vitamins, you can smoothly replenish energy.
    It's easy to digest and absorb, so it won't strain your stomach just after waking up. Next, it is recommended before going to bed. Amazake has a relaxing effect and is said to be good for improving stress. For details, please refer to How to Drink Amazake .
  • Can you feel it in 1 week?
    The effect of rice koji amazake is one week at the earliest, and many people can feel the changes in their bodies after about one month. (There are individual differences)
    Can we continue every day? What does rice koji amazake taste like? This set is recommended for those who are worried about it and want to try it first.