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Neo Natural

There is an organic farm in the satoyama of Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, where the greenery is deep.

Hada-Eri is based on Kojiro rice, which is carefully grown by the staff at their own organic farm. Since the opening of the farm, we have cultivated it with great care while receiving advice from local veteran farmers. In addition to organic farming methods that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, we carefully bring out the umami using the local sun-drying method that has been practiced since ancient times to bring out the maximum flavor.

"Natural materials that are friendly to people and the environment" All the staff are working hard to help as many people as possible.
The purpose is not to sell products, but to help people who are worried about health and beauty and live a healthy life.

We research materials from scratch, engage in production, and protect an environment where everyone can live in good health. We are doing our best to “foster a healthy society and culture”.

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