MURO ​​limited amazake mail order|Ren MURO of rice malt and amazake specialty store [official mail order]

After drinking and comparing more than 100 kinds of amazake from all over Japan, I made a truly delicious amazake.
"Kagurazaka amazake" made with delicious water and rice from Oita Prefecture is non-alcoholic, sugar-free, and additive-free.
In addition to the easy-to-drink plain, we have prepared three types: “Yuzu” and “Kabosu” with fruit juice.

Ren MURO's original "Kagurazaka Amazake" is sold online only at stores operated by our company.
One bottle of Kagurazaka amazake is enough for about three days. A set of 12 can be enjoyed for about a month.
The slim type bottle does not take up much space in the refrigerator.
One bottle is 500ml , and it is a popular gift set.
Regular sales start at a price of 10% off the regular price.

<What is the original set? >
We have also created a set where you can enjoy a small amount of products from multiple producers, which is possible only at our store that handles amazake from all over the country.
Why don't you start the amazake habit starting from 1 week / 2 weeks from the original set that is a little cheaper?
It is also recommended to drink and compare various products and feel the difference in physical condition.

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