morning x amazake

Amazake recommended for breakfast,
I prepared it!

Reasons why amazake is recommended in the morning

By drinking amazake in the morning, the well-absorbed glucose and amino acids switch on your metabolism. It is also recommended for improving bowel movements as it stimulates intestinal movements. You can gently nourish your stomach and intestines just after waking up.
We have collected amazake with lactic acid bacteria that is perfect for morning intestinal activity, and plain amazake that you can enjoy arranging, such as smoothies combined with fruits.

If you drink it in the morning, we recommend Shirakami Sasara, which is easy to drink and has a pleasant taste.

Recommended points from a registered dietitian

The faint sourness of lactic acid bacteria makes it easy to drink and gently awakens the stomach and intestines. Amazake and lactic acid bacteria have a relaxing effect, so it is also recommended for those who want to start the day with a calm mind. In addition, fruit juice is also recommended in the morning.

There are many ways to enjoy it♪

  • Make a smoothie with fruit!
  • Instead of morning yogurt!

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