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Recommended daily koji for MayRecommended daily koji for May

May is prone to physical problems due to increased humidity before the start of the rainy season and returning to work after long holidays. In order to make your body resistant to seasonal and environmental changes, it is important to manage your physical condition on a daily basis. By taking small amounts of koji beverages and koji foods every day, you can regulate your intestines and blood flow, and keep your body and mind circulating.

Why don't you start this new life period with a delicious and fun way to consume koji every day without getting tired of it?

"Recommended ways to consume koji" to realize "everyday koji"

A cup of koji "Amazake"

A cup of koji "Amazake"

Consuming amazake is the easiest way to consume koji. It is effective if you take 100 to 200 ml a day as a guide. Depending on the koji, rice, and water used, you can enjoy completely different flavors.

"Koji seasoning" for cooking "sashisuseso"

"Koji seasoning" for cooking "sashisuseso"

By replacing seasonings, you can use koji seasoning for all of your cooking "sashisuseso". The umami-rich koji makes the food even more delicious.

"sa" → sweet rice malt
"Shio" → salt koji
"Su" Vinegar → Fermented food made by fermenting "koji" and yeast with acetic acid
"SE" soy sauce → soy sauce koji
"So" miso → Fermented food made by fermenting soybeans and grains with "koji"

Minemura Brewery Amazake 900ml x 2 bottles

"Amakoji" with yogurt and your favorite milk

By ingesting it with other ingredients, you can enjoy it in a more balanced way. Example of how to enjoy: with yogurt, granola and fruit. Mix with milk, soy milk, oat milk or almond milk.

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