March 27, 2023 Introduced on NTV "Hirunandesu!"

Hirunandesu on Nippon Television on March 27th! Amazake of our shop was featured in "Nicole Fujita's Showa-Heisei Retro ☆ Drive".

“Kagurazaka Amazake Plain” is our original recommended amazake. Since it is non-alcoholic and non-sugar, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

“Kagurazaka Amazake Yuzu” is made with yuzu juice from Oita Prefecture to create a refreshing taste with bittersweet and sweet and sour taste. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and is delicious either way.

"Amasake" does not have the image of a sweet sake with a strong presence and a firm graininess, but it has a smooth mouthfeel and a light graininess. The resistant protein, which is a hot topic for intestinal activity, is about 6 times the average amazake on the market, making it a popular product for those with a high sense of health and beauty.

A fruity amazake made with plenty of Hakata Amaou, a popular variety from Fukuoka. You can enjoy the faint aroma of amazake and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries.

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  • Kagurazaka Amazake Plain

    It is an old-fashioned amazake made only with rice and rice malt without using any sugar or additives. The gentle sweetness and aroma of koji malt spreads in your mouth, creating an elegant taste.
  • Kagurazaka Amazake Yuzu

    We added yuzu juice from Oita Prefecture to bring out the original bitterness and sweet and sourness of yuzu. It is a popular amazake that everyone likes.
  • A masake

    Amazake made from rice malt "Amasake" is characterized by a high content of indigestible protein "resistant protein" that helps improve the intestinal environment derived from rice malt. A five-star amazake developed through joint research by Professor Kenji Ozeki, Corazon Co., Ltd., and Bungo Meijo Co., Ltd.
  • Rainbow sweet sake Hakata Amaou

    Hakata Amaou is a specialty product of Fukuoka. You can feel the fresh, fruity sweet and sour taste of fresh strawberries. The taste is especially popular with women.