Birth of Amasake boasting the highest level of fermented beverages

Boasting the highest level of fermented beverages
Birth of Amasake

Six years after the concept of “Miracle amazake brewing” born from the rice koji and amazake specialty store “Noren MURO” in Kagurazaka, A amasake, which boasts the highest level of fermented beverages, is born.

In addition to the taste, enjoy it with your eyes,
With a sense of exhilaration in hand,
We will deliver a new sense of value.

5star drink

720ml 2,160 yen (tax included) 720ml 2,160 yen (tax included) Click here to purchase >
300ml 1,296 yen (tax included) 300ml 1,296 yen (tax included) Click here to purchase >
100ml 500 yen (tax included) 100ml 500 yen (tax included) Click here to purchase >
Delicious Design Precious

Through amazake, we want to deliver a “hearty and relaxing time”.
In addition to supporting health promotion, we are particular about "deliciousness" and "design" that touches the hands and eyes, and we have put our hearts into every detail to make it a "value" for everyone.
It has a smooth texture and a grainy texture.
It is an amazake that is luxuriously packed with the blessings of fermentation that can be delivered with confidence as a rarity value due to its high degree of perfection.
We have created amazake that can be used as a daily souvenir or present, as a gift, for someone close to you, or as a reward for yourself.

Amazake can be drunk in any occasion
3 sizes available

Amazake made from rice malt Amasake
The recommended amount of amazake to drink is around 50-100ml at a time, or around one cup a day.
This amazake contains more RP than normal, so the appropriate amount is set lower than normal amazake,
There is no problem even if you take about 150ml like normal amazake.
Amazake made from rice malt Amasake
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
106kcal (per 100ml)

For adult socializing.
Amasake as the “best gift” for your loved ones

Put A amasake in a formal black box,
to someone important to you. Or have a special amazake to make memories with your loved ones.
You can take it home or send it in a special original box.
Amasake gift set
(720ml x 2 bottles) 5,400 yen (tax included)
Box size: Length 346mm x Width 195mm x Height 90mm
*Box labels are subject to change.
  • Bacteria activity
  • Rice Koji Amazake Amasake is made by soaking carefully selected rice with Aspergillus oryzae, the national fungus of Japan.
  • bowel activity
  • Rice koji amazake A amasake contains about 6 times more indigestible protein "Resistant Protein" (RP) than commercially available amazake.

“Resistant protein” (hereafter RP) is an indigestible protein contained in rice, sake lees, etc.
Normally, proteins are degraded in the stomach when they enter the body, but this RP is not degraded and moves to the small intestine to prepare the intestinal environment.
Research by Kenji Ozeki, a professor at Kanazawa Institute of Technology and one of the co-developers of amazake, revealed that commercially available amazake contains RP.
Amasake contains a high RP value that is about 6 times the market average amazake (compared to the Kanazawa Institute of Technology survey).

4 health and beauty benefits contained in "Resistant Protein" (RP)

RP, which lowers cholesterol levels in a healthy manner, catches lipids and oils contained in the food you eat in the small intestine. There is a work to carry out the body to wrap up bad cholesterol. You can expect a reduction in bad cholesterol.