Amazake life interview with an athlete!

Hello, this is Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake.
Non-alcoholic, non-sugar, nutritious "rice koji amazake", which is said to be a "drinkable drip".
Recently, many sports-related people and famous athletes have come to our store, and we are very happy to hear that rice koji amazake is useful for physical condition management and recovery from fatigue after exercise. Therefore, this time, as a new project, we asked athletes who are active in sports every day to live a life that incorporates amazake!

The challenge period is 2 weeks <br>The intestinal balance changes rapidly in a short period of time depending on the content of meals and stress conditions. When the intestinal environment improves, it is said that changes will appear in the body in about two weeks.

Athlete amazake 2 weeks life

  • Haruka Hanada

    The person who cooperated this time was a 30-year-old female basketball player. As a student, he gained experience at the top level in Japan, including participating in national competitions. Experienced Japanese champion. Currently, I am practicing as an instructor on my own.

In this 2-week challenge, we drank our original Amasake and 3 types of Kagurazaka Amazake (Plain, Yuzu, Kabosu).

2 week challenge results

How did you feel about the taste and texture when you actually drank it?
All of Hanada 's products were easy to drink and tasted delicious. I felt that I could drink it even after exercise. Citrus is still easy to drink.
Under what circumstances were you drinking?
Mr. Hanada woke up in the morning and drank straight before breakfast. Post-workout Sometimes I drank after dinner and before I went to bed.
Did you find your favorite way to drink it?
Mr. Hanada I mostly drink straight.
I mixed it with soy milk and warmed it up a bit before going to bed.
Have you noticed any changes in your physical condition after taking it for 2 weeks?
Mr. Hanada
・Constipation improved.
・When I drank it in the morning, I felt clear and active in the morning. ・Reduced heavy stomach when I woke up ・Reduced fatigue from after practice to eating ・Improved skin condition →【 Changes I particularly felt] Acne around my face for the past year disappeared by continuing amazake for 2 weeks.
What kind of person would you like to recommend it to?
Mr. Hanada People who don't have much time for breakfast or people who have trouble falling asleep at night

Not only changes in the body, but also changes in the skin

Even athletes who regularly manage their physical condition were able to feel various changes by continuing amazake for two weeks.

Not only changes in the body, but also changes in the skin.

Even those who don't usually play sports get tired every day.
Make “Amazake” a daily habit, which is rich in essential amino acids and B vitamins that reduce fatigue, and reset the fatigue of the day on the same day.

Would you like to create a body that does not accumulate fatigue and aim to be clean and healthy from the inside?
Hanada-san, thank you very much for your cooperation.

Amazake online store products that you drank in the 2-week challenge

  • A masake

    Amazake made from rice malt "Amasake" is characterized by a high content of indigestible protein "resistant protein" that helps improve the intestinal environment derived from rice malt. A five-star amazake developed through joint research by Professor Kenji Ozeki, Corazon Co., Ltd., and Bungo Meijo Co., Ltd.
  • Kagurazaka Amazake Plain

    It is an old-fashioned amazake made only with rice and rice malt without using any sugar or additives. The gentle sweetness and aroma of koji malt spreads in your mouth, creating an elegant taste.
  • Kagurazaka Amazake Yuzu

    We added yuzu juice from Oita Prefecture to bring out the original bitterness and sweet and sourness of yuzu. It is a popular amazake that everyone likes.
  • Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu

    By adding kabosu juice from Oita Prefecture, it has a refreshing taste with just the right amount of sourness. It's not too sweet, so it's popular with people who don't like the sweetness of amazake.
  • 米麹・甘酒専門店 MURO神楽坂

    MURO(むろ)は、麹を製造する神聖な場所「麹室(こうじむろ)」が名前の由来です。「KOJIを通じて、人々の健康や豊かな食に貢献する」をコンセプトにしたKOJI FOODS(麹を使った食品・調味料)やKOJI DRINK(甘酒)のブランドです。
    店舗には管理栄養士や発酵食品ソムリエなど、甘酒好き、甘酒通のスタッフが体質やお好みを伺って お客様に合うような甘酒の種類や飲み方を提案しております。
    沢山のこだわりの甘酒の中から、ぜひお気に入りの一本、お気に入りの作り手さんに出会って 日々の体と心の健康にお役立ていただけますと幸いです。