Urano soy sauce brewery mail order | Ren MURO of rice malt and amazake specialty store [official mail order]

Urano Soy Sauce Brewery has been in business for over 150 years in Buzen City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is surrounded by the bounty of the sea and mountains.
“Nijiiro Amazake” was born by combining seasonal fruits and local specialties from Fukuoka Prefecture with amazake made with freshly made raw koji using a traditional method.
Everything is carefully prepared from the stage of making koji with rice from Fukuoka Prefecture. Of course, additive-free, non-alcoholic, non-sugar.
You can enjoy not only the sweetness of koji, but also the taste that makes use of the characteristics of each specialty product, and the different types of rice such as germinated brown rice and black rice.
The colorful colors of the mini bottle are also beautiful, and it is also recommended as a gift.
With the desire to contribute to a delicious smile and a healthy life, we have been sincerely facing the making of amazake.
While inheriting the tradition of 150 years, we are always taking on new challenges in order to continue evolving.

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