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"Amazake" is also a summer season word.
In modern times, many people think of amazake as a drink for winter, but in the Edo period, amazake was drunk to stay healthy in the heat of summer.
There is even a smart shout of "Amazake Uri".
This is because it contains abundant nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and glucose. This is the reason why it is called a “drinkable drip”.
I want to spend this year's "home" summer in good health without getting tired of the summer. Amazake, which contains citric acid, is recommended for summer when you can easily feel tired.
The sour ingredient is citric acid. This citric acid metabolizes sugar in the body and turns it into energy. If you like, mix it with carbonated water at a ratio of 1:1 for a refreshing drink.
When your body and hands are cold due to air conditioning, please warm them up.

Because it is summer, it is "Amazake".

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