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Shirakami handmade workshop

Using lactic acid bacteria "Shirakami Sasara" born in the world natural heritage "Shirakami Sanchi", we manufacture rice koji amazake and rice koji fermented seasoning.
Established in 2003 in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, we have been conducting research and development of processed foods using various local products as raw materials, utilizing microorganisms in the Shirakami Mountains, and conducting trial sales.
All products are finished with lactic acid bacteria “Shirakami Sasara”, rice and rice malt from Akita brand rice “Akitakomachi”, and famous water “Shirakami Sansui”.
Shirakami Sasara's rice malt amazake has a sour taste of lactic acid and a fruity sweetness. The gentle sweetness that you won't get tired of is the desire of the producer to "want you to drink it every day."
Rice malt fermented seasoning is not only the power of rice malt, but also the decomposition action of lactic acid bacteria is added to bring out the "umami" of the material.
The lactic acid bacteria found in Shirakami Sasara belong to the same group as the lactic acid bacteria found in cheese and yogurt. ) and supports the fatigue of the brain and body.

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