Shinozaki mail order | Ren MURO of rice koji and amazake specialty store [official mail order]


Established in the late Edo period, this long-established sake brewery currently produces sake, shochu, and amazake made from rice malt.
The brewery was established in Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the Chikugo River, which originates from Mt. Aso, flows and is rich in water.
Shinozaki's sake "Kokugiku", which was born in a land blessed with water, is a brand that has been loved for over 100 years with the theme of "Sake that accompanies food that colors the dining table".
"Kokugiku Amazake", which is made using brewing expertise that is familiar with koji and fermentation, has a sweet taste and a smooth taste. I was born below.
Amazake is made with only rice, malted rice, and water, so the raw materials determine the quality of the product.
The rice used for amazake is not processed rice, but only high-quality domestically produced rice is selected through color sorting.
Aiming to make amazake with clear, sweet and umami flavor, we are working wholeheartedly to create "beautiful koji".
In addition, before bottling amazake every morning, we conduct in-house inspections on various items such as pH, acidity, amino acids, and sucrose content, and thoroughly manage quality so that we can deliver delicious, safe, and safe rice koji amazake to our customers. doing.