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For a body that doesn't feel sick ~ recommended refreshing amazake

It's time to enter the rainy season in earnest. As the humidity rises, moisture (moisture) tends to accumulate in the body.
It is also a time when you may feel heavy and sluggish due to the swelling of your body, or your stomach and intestines may be less active, and your appetite may drop.

Reduce swelling and fatigue ✨ The point is to promote blood circulation and improve constipation!
Poor blood circulation is one of the causes of "swelling" and "fatigue" that cause the body to feel sluggish.
In this poor blood circulation, when there is "constipation", the waste products are further stagnant, and the blood flow becomes easier to stagnate.

Therefore, in order to promote blood circulation, it is necessary to increase metabolism,
It is important to improve the circulation of the body by improving constipation and discharging waste products and excess water.

More effective with rice koji amazake + α!
Amazake made from rice malt contains “dietary fiber” and “oligosaccharide”, which can be expected to improve constipation, and “vitamin B group” which is the key to promoting metabolism, so it is perfect for reducing swelling and fatigue!
With the following + α, amazake, which is more effective and easy to drink, is especially recommended this time of year ◎
Refresh your body and mind with sweet sake that goes down well and has just the right amount of sourness!

+ lactic acid bacteria

Double-fermented amazake made by fermenting rice koji amazake with lactic acid bacteria !
In addition to the difference in koji, you can enjoy a completely different taste from each manufacturer due to differences in lactic acid bacteria.
Constipation improvement due to lactic acid bacteria → Amazake that can be expected to reduce swelling.

+ citric acid

Amazake made from rice malt with a refreshing citrus scent and acidity!
The citric acid contained in citrus fruits has the effect of promoting metabolism, so it can be expected to reduce swelling and fatigue. In addition, vinegar amazake, which is a combination of rice koji amazake and vinegar , which has a mild acidity, can be expected to have the same effect because acetic acid is converted to citric acid in the body.

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