Potato Salad with Shio Koji Soy Milk Mayonnaise

Even if you just replace the salt in the potato salad with shio-koji (salt koji), it will be a rich and delicious recipe for intestinal health. Salt Koji Soy Milk Mayonnaise". I used this to make potato salad.
This additive-free mayonnaise is made from plant-based ingredients, so it is recommended for those who are allergic to eggs and those who are concerned about cholesterol.

  • about 30 minutes

Ingredients (for 4 people)

<Salt koji soy milk mayonnaise> (Completed amount: about 150ml)
salt koji
2 teaspoons
unadjusted soymilk
Olive oil
1/2 tbsp
a little
<potato salad>
2 pieces
1 sheet
Sweet rice malt
2 teaspoons


If you add "amakoji" when mashing the potatoes, the texture will be smooth and the sweetness and umami of the potatoes will stand out.

How to make <salt koji soy milk mayonnaise>

  • Put salt koji, soy milk, and pepper in a mixer or food processor and mix.

  • Add the olive oil in 2-3 batches while stirring so that it does not separate.

  • Add vinegar and stir. It is completed when it becomes thick and creamy.
    *It will be a softer finish than commercially available mayonnaise.

How to make <potato salad>

  • Heat the potatoes in the microwave (at 600w for about 5-6 minutes), and add sweet rice malt when mashing. Aim for about 1 teaspoon per potato.
    *Please adjust as you like.

  • Cut the cucumber into rings and sprinkle with salt. Cut the carrots and ham into thin slices and mix them with the mashed potatoes.

  • Add about 2 tablespoons of salted koji soy milk mayonnaise to your liking, mix everything together, and it's done.


What other vegetables can I use?
I like vegetables, but you can enjoy the crunchiness even if you add finely chopped and soaked onions. You can also add tuna instead of ham for a delicious meal.

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