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Amazake can be expected to have various health effects, such as intestinal regulation, skin beautification, fatigue recovery, and immunity improvement.

It is important to take amazake little by little every day so that the intestinal environment can be maintained in a better condition.

That said, I don't like the taste of amazake... it's hard to keep drinking the same flavor every day...
I think there are some people who say.

Of course, if drinking amazake becomes austerity, it will not last long.

However, there is a simple way to make amazake delicious and easy to drink by making the most of the sweetness, umami, and richness of amazake.

Not only is it delicious, but you can also expect increased nutritional value and health benefits.

The point of continuing amazake is to enjoy it and drink it deliciously ,
Find your favorite arrangement and enjoy amazake with a fresh feeling!

[Even HOT is delicious! Easy amazake arrangement]
Introducing a drinking arrangement using straight amazake (about 100kcal/100g).

●Amazake x Tea
Hot tea made by splitting amazake and tea is a cup that is healed by the mellow sweetness and aroma of tea.

How about when you want to drink something sweet and fragrant to refresh yourself, or when you want to relax at night?

★Recommended way to mix black tea★

Those who want to enjoy the richness and sweetness of milk tea ➡Amazake: Black tea = 1:1
Equal balance of amazake and black tea ➡ amazake: black tea = 1:2
For those who want a little sweetness in black tea ➡ Amazake: black tea = 1:3

★Recommended way to mix green tea★

Equal balance of amazake and green tea ➡ amazake: green tea = 1:2
Those who want sweetness in green tea ➡Amazake: green tea = 1:3

★This is also recommended Amazake x Matcha★
Dissolve a little less than 1/2 teaspoon of matcha in 1 tablespoon of hot water and add amazake to create an elegant cup of Japanese sweets.

Matcha Amazake Amazake Arrangement Amazake Tea

● Amazake x soy milk
Adding soy milk to amazake softens the sweetness of amazake and the unique bean aroma of soy milk, creating a mellow and moderately sweet drink.

I recommend this hotel!
☞I want to eat vegetable protein and iron ☞I want to support the function of female hormones with soy isoflavone ☞I want to use it as a meal replacement

★Recommended way to divide★
Unsweetened soy milk is recommended!

Those who want to enjoy the sweetness of amazake ➡ amazake: soy milk = 2:1
Equal balance between the flavor of soymilk and the sweetness of amazake ➡Amazake: soymilk = 1:1

Sprinkling soy milk amazake with kinako will make it more fragrant.

●Amazake × milk
When milk is added to amazake, the flavor of the milk softens the unique aroma of amazake, creating a creamy cup of milk tea.

I recommend this hotel!
☞ I want to eat protein and calcium ☞ I want to have a good night's sleep ☞ I want to use it as a meal replacement

★Recommended way to divide★

For those who want to enjoy the sweetness of amazake ➡ amazake: milk = 2:1
Equal balance of flavor of milk and sweetness of amazake ➡ amazake: milk = 1:1

If you dissolve cocoa powder in hot milk amazake, it will have a rich taste like hot cocoa.

In addition, soy milk contains dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, and milk contains lactose and oligosaccharides, which promotes the growth of good bacteria and peristalsis in the intestine.
In addition, the magnesium contained in both softens the stool, so it is effective against constipation ◎
Amazake itself contains dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, so it can be said that soy milk amazake and milk amazake are an effective combination for intestinal activity .

For concentrated amazake, use about half the amount of straight amazake.

●Amazake × Spice
By sprinkling a small amount of spices on the amazake, it adds a spiciness to the sweetness and adds depth to the flavor.
At the same time as the nutrition of amazake, you can also incorporate various health effects of spices.

★Recommended spices and effects★

Cinnamon ☞ Improving blood flow, promoting digestion, antibacterial, reducing swelling, etc. Cardamom ☞ Promoting digestion, relaxing, deodorizing, etc. Ginger ☞ Promoting coldness, promoting digestion, anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, etc. Clove ☞ Promoting digestion, deodorizing, pain relaxation effect, etc.

We also recommend adding several kinds of spices to hot tea amazake, soy milk amazake, or milk amazake and enjoying it like chai!

Amazake Chai Amazake Arrangement Amazake Tea

A simple arrangement of how to drink amazake not only changes the taste, but also increases the nutritional value, killing two birds with one stone◎

For those who don't like the flavor of amazake and those who are tired of straight amazake,
How about making amazake a habit while enjoying the easy and delicious amazake arrangement?
Let's use it for health and beauty support with daily amazake habits!

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Author: Store staff/administrative dietitian After graduating from university, engaged in nutrition management and nutrition guidance at a hospital for about 5 years.
After that, he worked as a nutrition teacher at a high school and a university.
After coming to Kanto due to my husband's job transfer, I am working as an exclusive registered dietitian at a store specializing in amazake.
I am maintaining remission of my ulcerative colitis with my daily amazake life.

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