MURO's efforts to reduce food loss | Amazake specialty store Ren MURO Muro [official mail order]

Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.

How was your weekend, everyone? I made a cheesecake with amazake that I made in a rice cooker before, and enjoyed my time at home♪


As those of you reading this blog know, Ren MURO 's online shop is currently holding a " Food Loss Reduction SALE ".

Especially last weekend, a lot of people bought these amazake. thank you very much.

In today's blog, I would like to talk about MURO 's thoughts on reducing food loss.


We at MURO

Based on the concept of " contributing to people's healthy lives, both physically and mentally, through amazake ", we serve as a bridge between the many producers of komekoji amazake and customers who are looking for delicious and healthy amazake. We are running a shop every day so that we can be.

However, currently, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the "Noren MURO Kagurazaka store" in Kagurazaka, Tokyo is closed, and amazake is sold only at the online shop.

As a result, the amazake, which was originally supposed to be sold at the store, is nearing its expiration date and is on the verge of disposal.

"For the sake of the creators, the customers, and the planet, nothing can be wasted."

The “food loss reduction sale ” was born from such thoughts.

Amazake is currently on sale at 20-50% off with the expiration date listed. The product in question was purchased between last year and the beginning of the year, and there is no problem with the quality.

We still have a few left, so I hope you will take this opportunity to buy the amazake you have been interested in and enjoy your amazake life even more.




Noren MURO Kagurazaka

Address: 1-12-6 Kagurazaka , Shinjuku -ku, Tokyo 162-0825

Phone number: 03-5579-2910

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  • 米麹・甘酒専門店 MURO神楽坂

    MURO(むろ)は、麹を製造する神聖な場所「麹室(こうじむろ)」が名前の由来です。「KOJIを通じて、人々の健康や豊かな食に貢献する」をコンセプトにしたKOJI FOODS(麹を使った食品・調味料)やKOJI DRINK(甘酒)のブランドです。
    店舗には管理栄養士や発酵食品ソムリエなど、甘酒好き、甘酒通のスタッフが体質やお好みを伺って お客様に合うような甘酒の種類や飲み方を提案しております。
    沢山のこだわりの甘酒の中から、ぜひお気に入りの一本、お気に入りの作り手さんに出会って 日々の体と心の健康にお役立ていただけますと幸いです。