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Hello. This is Ren MURO Kagurazaka store.

In the previous blog, I posted about the impressions of the Ren staff making handmade koji amazake.

It's a personal matter, but I wanted to make it when I wrote it, so I tried making amazake using raw koji that was sleeping in the freezer!

I made it using the method introduced in the previous blog.

Since I used raw koji this time, I felt that the amount was more than the usual dried koji, so I ended up adding more water than I needed, so I decided to let it sit longer than usual (6 to 8 hours).

And after 12 hours, it was finished sweetly!

If you leave it for that long, the surface will turn brown like caramel, and that part is very milky and delicious.

It's a privileged taste of the person who made it, so I'd like you to try it *

The raw koji we handle is 300g, and if you add the same amount of rice and water, you can make about 1L of amazake.

As it is an additive-free handmade amazake, please enjoy it within a week.

Even so, I think it's quite difficult to consume 1L of amazake within a week.

Therefore, we recommend that you put it in a ziplock, flatten it, zip it up, and freeze it in the freezer. Because of its high sugar content, it does not harden completely, so you can easily take the required amount with your hands and use it as a substitute for sugar in cooking.

Also, you can eat it as it is and enjoy it as delicious as ice cream.

There are many other ways to enjoy it, such as mixing it with milk or soy milk, or mixing it with yogurt.

The difference between raw koji and dried koji / Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a specialty store of rice koji amazake

I would like to talk about the difference between the “raw koji” that I used to make amazake, which I mentioned in the previous episode, and the dried koji that is often sold in the market.

* Raw koji Rice koji that is still in a state where koji mold has propagated in rice

・Because the potency of koji mold is high, koji mold has a strong ability to break down rice starch.

・As a result, amazake is sweeter than dried koji.

・Must be refrigerated.

・The deadline is short, about 2 weeks. Approximately one month in the freezer.

・It is necessary to untie it when using it.

・There are few shops that have them.

<Rainbow sweet sake made with seasonal fruits and vegetables>

Rainbow sweet sake

* Dried rice malt Rice malt that has been dried and preserved for a long time

・If it is not opened, it can be stored at room temperature.

- Expiration date is about half a year.

・No need to untie when using.

・It is easily available at supermarkets.

<White rice koji that specializes in saccharifying enzymes so that you can enjoy handmade amazake>

Famous Sword Miso Honpo


There is such a difference.

Frequently asked questions at the store

“What is the difference between the amazake made with these two? 』

However, there is almost no difference in composition . However, as mentioned in each feature, raw koji has a higher potency of koji, so it is easier to finish with a sweeter taste.

Such raw koji is more difficult to obtain than dried koji, but MURO always handles raw koji from Takazen Shoten in Iwate Prefecture.

Fresh raw koji that is carefully made every week.

Unfortunately, as it is a refrigerated product, it is not available in the online shop, but it is always available at the Kagurazaka store, so please drop by.

(Open from 11:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays from July 21 *No fixed holidays)


What did you think.

After understanding the difference between the two, it is fun not only to make amazake, but also to make various fermented foods such as salt koji, soy sauce koji, and miso.

Please try it at this time when you want to enrich your time at home.

<We have developed an original koji seasoning!> >

Koji seasoning

Koji seasoning

Koji seasoning

<Amazake to choose from characteristics>

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Pure rice amazake brown rice amazake
Kojiya Tohei Amazake Kokugiku sprouted brown rice
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Junmai amazake made from rice malt, which was created by multiplying only these two ingredients, has a different flavor and texture depending on who makes it.
It has a richer flavor than Tokujunmai amazake, with a moderate sweetness and a fragrant aroma.
It is also low in calories and makes a great gift for health-conscious people.
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Until the end Thank you for reading.



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