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Hello. This is Ren MURO Kagurazaka store.

In my last blog, I talked about how to make koji amazake.

Then, the staff of Ren's general store, which is a sister store of Ren MURO , made it for me!

I was very happy, so I would like to share my impressions today.


As part of a polite life, I got some raw koji the other day.

I looked into various things to see what I could do, and not only amazake, but also salt koji, soy sauce koji, and miso!

A lot of delicious things have come out if you use it well.

I tried to make amazake from rice malt. 10 hours to finish! It's almost time to ferment.

A very sweet amazake is ready.

This sweetness comes from the fact that the rice starch is converted into sweet glucose and umami-rich amino acids by the enzymes of the koji mold.

It seems that simple substances are easier to taste. It's easy to feel sweetness because it's disassembled. Aspergillus aspergillus that worked hard! !

It's a bit different from the amazake that is generally sold, but it has a gentle taste (^^)

Impressions of handmade koji amazake / Ren MURO Kagurazaka store of rice koji amazake specialty store

How I eat

・Of course it is delicious as it is!

・Recommended as a sweet with soy milk to enjoy grains of rice

・Mix amazake and soy milk together in a blender to create a sweet soup!

・Everything is delicious hot or cold (^^)

I made a lot, so save it in a glass jar! All can be disassembled for easy cleaning

Impressions of handmade koji amazake / Ren MURO Kagurazaka store of rice koji amazake specialty store



I received such a happy impression!

She made porridge in a pot for cooking rice, mixed water and koji, wrapped the pot in a towel and blanket, and left it alone.

It will be easier to try if you see the impressions you actually made.

You can make a lot of sweet sake, so please refer to the recipes posted in past blogs and try various things (^^)

Everyone, please have a wonderful amazake life♪



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