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In my last blog, I talked about how important it is to keep your intestines in order to boost your immunity.

This time I would like to dig deeper into the intestines.

Last time, I mentioned that there are many bacteria living in the intestines, and these bacteria are collectively called " intestinal flora ".

The intestinal flora is a collection of hundreds of types of over 600 trillion bacteria in the human intestine. It is said that the name was given because it looks like a flower garden (British: flora) through a microscope.

In order to maintain a healthy body, it is important to have a balance between good and bad bacteria .

However, it does not mean that more good bacteria are better.

The bacteria balance of a healthy person is said to be " good bacteria: bad bacteria: opportunistic bacteria (Hiyori Mikin) = 2:1:7 ". Opportunistic bacteria (Hiyori mikin) are bacteria that are quiet when healthy, but adversely affect the intestines when the immune system is extremely weakened, but please be assured that such cases are rare.

Such intestinal flora can be adjusted by a well-balanced diet . However, I think it is very difficult to live with a balanced diet that adjusts the intestinal environment.

Therefore, nutritious koji amazake will help you balance your diet.

In addition, koji amazake is effective in improving constipation .

Many people suffer from constipation on a daily basis. Especially now that there are various environmental changes, it may be increasing due to stress and lack of exercise due to restrictions on going out.

Koji amazake, which is a fermented food , contains a lot of dietary fiber , which helps the digestion and absorption of food, and has the power to properly discharge waste products and food in the intestines from the body. It is also recommended to eat plain yogurt with koji amazake and eat it instead of breakfast.

These two effects of koji amazake are collectively called the “intestinal regulation effect of amazake”.

This will improve the intestinal environment and improve immunity.

If you want to increase your immunity, please try to incorporate koji amazake into your daily life.

Today, I talked a little bit about amazake and the intestines.

Until the end Thank you for reading.


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