What I learned from customers | Amazake specialty store Ren MURO Muro [Official mail order]

This is Horino, a staff member of Ren MURO Kagurazaka.

Today, I will write what I learned from the interaction with the customer.

Due to the corona virus commotion, kagurazaka street was less crowded than usual.

Meanwhile, two women in their 20s came to the store.
They seemed to enjoy looking at the amazake, so I recommended tasting it, which I had refrained from taking into account hygiene due to the coronavirus, and had them drink it all.

One person likes amazake,
The other person didn't have a very good image of amazake, but after tasting it, he was impressed by the difference from the amazake he had used so far and purchased it.
“When I thought that I could drink such a delicious and healthy drink, I decided to spend my daily life carefully. thank you! I will definitely come again! 』
I received a happy word with a big smile, and my heart was very warm.


In dealing with such customers,
The words of spending daily life carefully remained in my heart.

I myself was a little affected by the coronavirus turmoil, and I think I wasn't able to do various things "politely".

At our store, we value “richness of the heart”.

You can also spend your daily life politely,
It is related to “richness of mind”.

Suddenly, I tend to be in a hurry when interacting with customers,
In this day and age,
Value communication with customers and provide more courteous service.
And I wanted to try to spend my daily life, including the shop, more politely.


To everyone reading this article.

In the midst of hectic days,
Why don't you stop and look back on your days?
Surely there may be unexpected feelings and joy.

It's been a long time, but thank you for reading.


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