Koji is magic! “Barley koji” attracting the attention of world-class chefs

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Japan's rich culture of fermentation and the power of koji not only prepare our bodies from the inside, but also bring out the umami and richness of our food, making it even more delicious.

Now, it is attracting attention among the world's top chefs.

"Magic Aspergillus" Aspergillus oryzae

Fermented foods are incorporated into all of the dishes at "Noma," the world's most difficult-to-reserve Danish restaurant that has three Michelin stars and has been ranked number one on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list five times.
He is also impressed with the surprisingly rich flavor of Japanese miso, and is interested in fermentation culture and koji.

In "The Noma Guide to Fermentation" written by the owner chef of Noma and the leader of the fermentation lab, Japanese koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) is called "magic koji mold" , and its splendor is spoken. It is

“Barley koji” is attracting attention here.

What is "barley koji"?

Barley is the oldest cultivated grain.
In Japan, it was introduced from China around the Yayoi period, and barley rice spread as a staple food of the Japanese people.

Barley, which is rich in dietary fiber, is also effective in adjusting the intestinal environment and suppressing rapid rises in blood sugar levels.
It is a healthy food recommended for those who suffer from constipation and those who are on a diet.

"Barley koji" is made by propagating koji mold on the barley.
Koji is commonly used to make miso and moromi.

The characteristic of barley koji is its aroma.
Fragrant, sweet, complex and mellow.

Norma's Guide to Fermentation also describes it as "an enchanting aromatic bouquet reminiscent of passion fruit and apricot notes" .
Of course it's full of flavor.

Like rice malt, barley malt is good at producing enzyme (amylase), and amylase breaks down starch into glucose, which is the energy that supports the body.

“Barley koji” is currently attracting the attention of top chefs around the world.
We will continue to spread its appeal.

Expanding the possibilities of barley koji
MURO ​​is currently researching and developing products such as koji and seasonings using barley. We will continue to deliver news about Japan's rich fermentation culture and koji.

MURO's original koji seasoning online store products

  • A set of 5 types of koji seasoning that brings out the flavor of the ingredients

    A malted rice seasoning handcrafted using traditional methods by a 450-year-old malted rice and miso brewery. Just by soaking the seasonings in the ingredients and letting them rest, the koji will bring out the flavor of the ingredients, and the meat and fish will be tender. You can mix it, or you can put it on. If there is one, the taste of the dish is decided. A set of 5 types of tomato koji, red hot koji, salt koji, sweet koji, and soy sauce koji. Recommended as a seasoning for dishes that care about the health of your family.
  • 米麹・甘酒専門店 MURO神楽坂

    MURO(むろ)は、麹を製造する神聖な場所「麹室(こうじむろ)」が名前の由来です。「KOJIを通じて、人々の健康や豊かな食に貢献する」をコンセプトにしたKOJI FOODS(麹を使った食品・調味料)やKOJI DRINK(甘酒)のブランドです。
    店舗には管理栄養士や発酵食品ソムリエなど、甘酒好き、甘酒通のスタッフが体質やお好みを伺って お客様に合うような甘酒の種類や飲み方を提案しております。
    沢山のこだわりの甘酒の中から、ぜひお気に入りの一本、お気に入りの作り手さんに出会って 日々の体と心の健康にお役立ていただけますと幸いです。