Tomorrow's health starts with today's meals! The power of fermented foods that regulate the intestines

With the sudden increase in the number of days when it gets cold, there are probably many people who feel unwell and are concerned about their physical condition.

Intestinal malfunction is the enemy of the body.
The malfunction I'm feeling now may be something that comes from the intestines.

Immune cells that control immunity are concentrated in the intestine.
Healing your gut will help your whole body.

Fermentation is the process of making food beneficial to humans through the action of microorganisms (koji mold, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, etc.).
“Fermented foods” have enhanced flavor, preservability, and nutritional value through fermentation.

There may be some people who incorporate fermented foods into their meals to improve the intestinal environment.

Our bodies are made up of what we eat every day.

“Fermented foods” such as amazake, miso, soy sauce, and vinegar are reliable sources that support health from the inside of the intestines.

[fermented food is amazing! 6 things that make your body happy

Intestinal regulation effect
By reducing bad bacteria in the intestines and making good bacteria dominant, it prepares the intestinal environment.
The resistant protein and oligosaccharides contained in amazake are also effective for intestinal regulation.

Improving immunity
Since many immune cells are concentrated in the intestinal mucosa, the power of fermentation prepares the intestinal environment, which improves the immune system and strengthens the immune system.

Fatigue recovery
The acetic acid in vinegar has a fatigue recovery effect.
Amazake and salted rice malt contain B vitamins that help the nutrition and energy metabolism of rice, so they quickly convert what you eat into energy and help you recover from fatigue.

By suppressing the blood sugar level, it is easy to make a body that is easy to lose weight, and by eliminating constipation, you can aim for a constitution that is difficult to gain weight.
In addition, the resistant protein contained in amazake plays a role in removing and discharging excess lipids that have accumulated in the intestines.

Koji contains plenty of rejuvenating ingredients such as vitamins and amino acids that make your skin beautiful!
The citric acid in vinegar increases the absorption of minerals that are essential for beauty, and miso also works to suppress the production of melanin, which causes spots.

● Mental stability
"GABA" contained in koji and pickles suppresses the excitement of the brain and reduces stress, leading to a relaxed state.

[I can do it from today! "Fermentation" in everyday life]

<Fermented food “Komekoji amazake” that is easy to take in every day>

Rice malt amazake is a fermented food that is fermented with the power of koji mold, like miso and soy sauce.

Aspergillus oryzae converts starch and protein into sugar and amino acids in the fermentation process, making it sweet and delicious.
It produces many times more B vitamins than rice.

Just drink one cup (100ml-200ml) a day! Amazake that can be easily consumed every day.

At Ren MURO, we have a large selection of carefully selected amazake from all over Japan.

"Brown rice amazake" made from brown rice rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, including simple plain amazake made from white rice, rice koji and water.
“Fruit amazake” that can be ingested with vitamin C not contained in amazake
There are unique types of amazake, such as the sweet and sour “Lactic acid amazake,” which is expected to have a double effect on the bowel function of koji mold and lactic acid bacteria.

In addition, there are many arrangements such as mixing with your favorite milk such as soy milk, flavored tea, or mixing with fruits.

One of the charms of amazake is that you can find your favorite type and how to drink it, and continue to enjoy it.

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〈Using malted rice seasoning for cooking〉

As with amazake, koji seasoning is an easy way to incorporate fermentation.
A versatile seasoning that enhances the flavor of your dishes.

"sa" sugar ••••••• amazake, amazake (sweet rice malt) replaced with "shi" salt •••••••• replaced with shio koji "su" vinegar •••••• koji and yeast Fermented food ``se'' fermented with acetic acid Soy sauce ``So'' replaced with soy sauce malt fermented food fermented with malted rice and soybeans and grains

I want to take care of my health even though I'm busy every day! It is recommended for anyone who wants.

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Tomorrow's health starts with today's meals.

I would like to actively ingest fermented foods in various forms and use them to maintain my health.

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Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake

A store specializing in rice koji and amazake, based on the concept of "contributing to people's health in mind and body through amazake."

Amazake is all alcohol-free, sugar-free, and additive-free.

We carry a large number of rice koji and amazake products from breweries all over Japan.

We hope that you will find your favorite amazake from among the many carefully selected amazake and meet your favorite maker and use it for your daily physical and mental health.

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