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The vernal equinox day has passed, and the daytime is getting longer day by day.

I feel comfortable in the warm and cheerful atmosphere during the day.

Invited by this cheerfulness, I fell asleep... Isn't it a lot of things that make you sleepy?

spring cheerful

One of the causes of drowsiness in spring is the intense temperature difference.

If you think that there are warm sunny days, there are also cold days like the middle of winter,
This is the time of the year when the temperature difference is the greatest.

The body can't catch up with this temperature difference, and the autonomic nerves are easier to disrupt.

The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic nervous system, which is dominant during active mode, and
It consists of the parasympathetic nervous system, which dominates when in rest mode.

If the balance between the two is disturbed,
It is easy to affect sleep, such as getting sleepy during the day and light sleep at bedtime.

morning awakening

[disturbance of autonomic nerve. Regular life is important]

Disturbances in the autonomic nervous system can be adjusted through morning and evening lifestyle habits.

Open the curtains in the morning and wake up with plenty of sunlight,

At night, by reducing the amount of light entering your eyes one hour before bedtime,

The quality of sleep is going up, and it is connected to the balance of autonomic nerves.

[Why is rice koji amazake recommended for a regular life? ]

Even if you want to live a regular life, there may be many people who find it difficult to get out of their current lifestyle.

However, a little ingenuity and trigger may lead to improvement in daily life.

Aiming for “ a pleasant awakening in the morning and a natural sleepiness at night ”, I would like to introduce one tip that I would like to introduce is the rice koji amazake habit in the morning and at night .

Amazake Habit

Amazake in the morning can be expected to have the effect of regulating the body clock as the glucose contained in it switches on the metabolism of the body .

Amazake at night has the effect of relieving the fatigue of the day, and it can also be expected to have a good sleep effect because it has the effect of warming the body and relieving stress .

For those who feel that drinking straight amazake first thing in the morning or before going to bed is a bit heavy...
We recommend hot water in the morning and soda in the evening .

Warm amazake in the morning gently wakes up the stomach and intestines and gradually warms the body from the inside.

The relaxing effect of amazake and the stimulating effect of carbon dioxide gas on the intestines will enhance the function of the intestines, which becomes active at night.

In addition, carbonic acid has the effect of promoting blood circulation, so drinking it after taking a bath will prevent you from feeling cold after taking a bath.

Night Amazake Yuzu

Citrus amazake , such as yuzu, kabosu, and lemon, is especially recommended for a relaxing evening.

Limonene , a fragrant ingredient contained in these citrus fruits, will enhance the relaxing effect.

It's a refreshing and delicious carbonated amazake, but be careful not to drink too much at night.

Let's take up to 100cc of straight amazake + 100cc of unsweetened carbonated drink as a guideline .

Awakening morning

This is the time when new life begins, encounters increase, and environmental changes are likely to occur.

Everyday sleep you want to cherish in order to adjust the autonomic nerves that are easily disturbed.

How about incorporating rice malt amazake to support a comfortable sleep and awakening?

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