Reset your intestinal fatigue with "Rice Koji Amazake"!

Christmas, year-end and New Year feasts, overeating and overdrinking during holidays, etc., etc. will be the time when the stomach and intestines are working more than usual.

The gastrointestinal tract that eats three meals a day and continues to work without rest.
"I don't have much appetite" "I feel a heavy stomach"
For those who say, it may be a sign that the intestines are tired.

In order to enjoy delicious food, I want to treat my intestines with daily care.

[Reason why “rice koji amazake” is recommended for intestinal care]

“Rice koji amazake” has carbohydrates and proteins that are broken down into easily digestible forms such as glucose and amino acids, so it nourishes the body without burdening the stomach and intestines.

Furthermore, the resistant protein contained in amazake contains
It works to catch and excrete lipids and oils contained in food, making it ideal for diet support.

It cleanses your intestines while giving your stomach a rest.

"The Story of Butyric Acid Bacteria"

"Butyric acid bacteria" that ferment and decompose dietary fiber to produce "butyric acid", a type of short-chain fatty acid.
Butyric acid is an energy source for cells in the large intestine.
It enhances the repair and barrier function of the intestinal mucosa, keeps the intestines weakly acidic, prevents the growth of bad bacteria,
It prevents obesity, prevents intestinal inflammation, and regulates immune function.
“Rice koji amazake”, which is rich in oligosaccharides and dietary fiber that feeds good bacteria,
It's the perfect drink to cleanse your gut.

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[when you want to rest your overworked intestines! "Petit fasting only at night"]

At night, your body gets tired and your intestines work less well.

When you want to rest your stomach and intestines after overeating and drinking,
If you're going to be late for dinner, then you should try "Amazake petit fasting only at night."

"Fasting" is a simple method. Just replace dinner with a glass of amazake.

For those who feel a little unsatisfactory, it is recommended to choose amazake with a grainy texture and drink it slowly as if chewing, or mix it with milk such as soy milk.

By going to bed with the digestive function of dinner rested, you may be able to improve your sluggishness and swelling, reset your body, and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Why don't you make a good body with amazake, which works every day without rest and cares for your intestines ?

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Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake

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Amazake is all alcohol-free, sugar-free, and additive-free.

We carry a large number of rice koji and amazake products from breweries all over Japan.

We hope that you will find your favorite amazake from among the many carefully selected amazake and meet your favorite maker and use it for your daily physical and mental health.

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