The cold of the intestines is the source of malfunction! "Amazake 'Intestine' Onkatsu" for a well-rounded body

Just when you think that the heat has finally subsided, the temperature suddenly drops, and there are many people who say, "I can't keep up with the temperature difference outside!"

In the coming season when it gets colder, we want to pay special attention to "coldness of the intestines".

Due to the cold of the intestines, various malfunction appears in our body.

✅ Hands and feet tend to get cold ✅ Don't soak in the bathtub and just take a shower ✅ Don't like exercise ✅ Don't walk too much

If you have a lot of things that apply, your intestines may already be cold.

It's important to warm up from your intestines to make a good body without malfunction!

[what's wrong with cold? ]

Cold = poor blood circulation can also cause nutrition to be difficult to go around the whole body and lower the work of cells.
As the body continues to be cold, not only does the function of the cold intestines decrease, but the autonomic nerves, which regulate the function of the internal organs and blood vessels, also become disturbed.

[“Komekoji amazake” warms the body from the intestines]

Warm up your whole body and stomach with moderate exercise, bathing, and using a belly band, warm things,
Eating something that warms your body is connected to warming your intestines.

And I would like to recommend "rice koji amazake" as the best food to warm the intestines.

Among the fermented foods that revitalize the intestines, especially amazake,
It is easy to take every day and quickly delivers nutrients to the weak intestine without burden.

Aspergillus oryzae converts starch and protein into sugar and amino acids during the fermentation process, making it sweet and delicious.
The B vitamins metabolize (break down) carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids to produce energy for the body.

As this series of energy metabolism becomes active, the body temperature rises.
Therefore, amazake, which contains B vitamins, is perfect for warming up the body.
In addition, B vitamins and amino acids have the effect of creating blood and promoting blood circulation.

I would be happy if you could make it hot amazake in the cold season and feel the warming effect even more.

[I want to eat it with amazake! "Phytochemicals" that protect healthy intestines]

In addition, phytochemicals should be actively taken in as nutrients to protect the healthy intestines.

A useful ingredient contained in the pigments, aromas, spiciness and bitterness of vegetables and fruits.
Originally, vegetables and fruits are ingredients created to protect themselves from enemies such as ultraviolet rays and insects.

"Phytochemicals" are natural powers that protect our bodies by activating immune cells and
enhancing immunity in addition to antioxidant effects.

As a way to combine it with amazake, we recommend the “amazake x matcha” arrangement.
Matcha is rich in catechin, one of the phytochemicals.
"Catechin", a type of polyphenol that is a bitter and astringent component of tea, contains

✅Antioxidant and antiviral action
✅Cholesterol lowering effect
✅Suppression of blood sugar rise, prevention of obesity
Bactericidal action, antibacterial action, prevention of tooth decay and bad breath

It is said that there are various effects such as.

Unlike sencha, which extracts the components of the tea leaves with hot water, matcha can be drunk in a strong state by dissolving the powder in hot water.
It contains more catechins than green tea and is rich in theanine, an amino acid that is a umami component, and has the effect of relaxing the mind and body.

Lutein, an antioxidant, promotes bone formation and helps blood vessel health
You can also take vitamin K.

“Amazake x Matcha” is a nutritious amazake that has been called a “drinkable drip” with matcha added.
The bitterness of matcha and the natural sweetness of amazake combine to create a gentle taste similar to matcha latte.

Knead a little less than 1/2 teaspoon of matcha with a small amount of hot water to dissolve it, then
If you add warm amazake, it will not form lumps and will mix well. :Japanese tea:

Please try the recommended "Enteral activity" drink that will make your body without any discomfort.

I want to make a good heart and body from the inside by adjusting the blood flow with the habit of “entertainment activity” that incorporates amazake.

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