Change your body from the intestines! "Rice koji amazake" to boost immunity

The season when the temperature drops and dryness begins to become a concern.
I've seen and heard more and more words like "prevention of colds" and "improvement of immunity".

The other day, when we conducted a questionnaire to our customers, the most common reason for incorporating amazake was
The answer was "to improve immunity" !

I am very happy that MURO amazake is useful for your daily physical condition management.

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[in winter, immunity is easy to drop! ? ]

The immune system is a defense system that protects our body by attacking bacteria and viruses that enter the body.

Irregular life, disordered eating habits, aging, and stress are among the causes of weakening immunity.

Especially in the cold season, when the body temperature drops due to the cold, the function of immune cells deteriorates and the immune function declines.

As a result, the intestinal function related to immunity also decreases.

In addition, during the season when the air is dry, the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, which are natural immunity, are easy to dry, and the conditions of "low-temperature drying" that viruses prefer are met, which weakens immunity.

[Rice koji amazake to prepare your intestines and increase your immunity! ]

About 70% of human immune cells reside in the gut.

In order not to lower immunity, it is important to activate the immunity of the "intestine" .

Among fermented foods that are said to be good for intestinal activity, one that is easy to consume every day is “rice koji amazake”.

The oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in rice koji amazake serve as food for good bacteria.
You can expect to improve the intestinal immunity while drinking it by adjusting the intestinal balance.

Amazake is perfect not only for daily health maintenance, but also when you are sick due to a cold.

When you have a cold, "bad bacteria" are dominant in your intestines.
Therefore, restoring the intestinal balance dominated by "good bacteria" is a shortcut to recovery.

When you catch a cold, it is said that it is preferable to eat something that is easy to digest.

"Rice koji amazake", which is excellent in digestion and absorption, can provide nutrition without burdening the body with a decreased appetite.

It is truly a “drinkable drip”.

[The power of indigestible protein "Resistant Protein (RP) "]

"Resistant protein (RP)" contained in rice koji amazake.

When proteins enter the body, they are normally broken down in the stomach.
This RP moves to the small intestine without being decomposed and prepares the intestinal environment.

By ingesting RP, you can expect an improvement in immunity because the beneficial bacteria that have been powered up stimulate immune cells.

In addition, it catches lipids and oils contained in food and lowers cholesterol levels.
It is also ideal for constipation relief and diet support.

Ren MURO's original "Amasake" contains about six times as much RP as amazake on the market.

The "ultimate rice koji amazake" was born after 6 years from conception to teaming up with professionals who are familiar with amazake.

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"Rice koji amazake" that revitalizes our body from the intestines.
Please use it to improve your immunity.

I want to spend this winter with a smile on my face with a cup of amazake every day.

(Approx. 100ml-200ml daily intake)

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Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake

A store specializing in rice koji and amazake, based on the concept of "contributing to people's health in mind and body through amazake."

Amazake is all alcohol-free, sugar-free, and additive-free.

We carry a large number of rice koji and amazake products from breweries all over Japan.

We hope that you will find your favorite amazake from among the many carefully selected amazake and meet your favorite maker and use it for your daily physical and mental health.

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