Rainy season ~ summer health care ✨ Make your body less tired with amazake habits!

Hello, this is Suzuki, a registered dietitian at Ren MURO Kagurazaka.

June 21st to July 6th is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

The end of the rainy season has not yet been announced,

The season is finally approaching when you can feel the power of the sun 🌞

[ Malfunction that is likely to be seen in this period ]

The temperature suddenly rises, and the rainy season becomes hot and humid, and the end of the rainy season.

The current body, which has not been able to adapt to the high temperature and humidity, is in a state where it is easy to get tired .

In particular , "temperature difference" and "ultraviolet rays" become a burden on the body,

To the fact that "fatigue" is accumulating without realizing it.

This will make it easier for you to get " summer fatigue " that causes you to get sick.

Furthermore, "temperature difference" and "ultraviolet rays" put a strain on the autonomic nerves ,

Because it also affects the body temperature regulation function, there is also the worry of "heatstroke" .

Based on measures against temperature differences and ultraviolet rays, and sufficient sleep every day,

Nutrient intake that is conscious of fatigue recovery is important.

[Reasons why amazake is best for relieving fatigue]

Appetite tends to decrease when the rainy season suddenly turns hot and humid.

At this time of year, amazake, a drink that gives you nutrition,

Recommended drink for daily fatigue measures 🍸

Amazake is rich in essential amino acids and B vitamins that reduce fatigue .

moreover! B vitamins promote the metabolism and absorption of essential amino acids , which are the energy source that moves the body.

Therefore, simultaneous intake of these will be a shortcut to recover from fatigue more efficiently💪

[Recommended ways to take amazake to recover from fatigue]

When do you feel most tired during the day?

The timing is different for each person, such as after waking up, after lunch, in the evening, after dinner, and so on.

At this time when fatigue is easy to feel

Trying to recover from fatigue is the key to not dragging fatigue.

In other words, amazake should also be taken at a time when fatigue is likely to be felt.

This is the most recommended way to recover from fatigue

A cup of amazake, which you drink quickly when you feel tired, feels exceptionally delicious✨

In order to keep the body from accumulating daily fatigue,

Reset your fatigue on the same day with your daily amazake habit👍

Especially in the coming season,

I want to prepare to be able to spend comfortably before the malfunction comes out!

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Written by: store staff/administrative dietitian After graduating from university, engaged in nutrition management and nutrition guidance at a hospital for about 5 years.
After that, he worked as a nutrition teacher at a high school and a university.
After coming to Kanto due to my husband's job transfer, I am working as an exclusive registered dietitian at a store specializing in amazake.
I am maintaining remission of my ulcerative colitis with my daily amazake life.
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