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Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.


“Summer” is the season for amazake. There are days when the temperature exceeds 30°C , and summer is finally here.

Unlike the summer so far, wearing a mask and going out on a sunny day has become a daily routine.

It's the season when you want to be more careful about heatstroke and summer fatigue than usual.


So today, I would like to introduce our recommended amazake to the "chilled amazake" that is perfect for summer.


1. Wild grape sweet sake

This amazake is just like grape sauce.

We are particular about using plenty of wild grape paste from northern Iwate. The mellow taste and aroma, which is more wild than regular grapes, combined with the gentle sweetness of amazake, creates a very rich amazake.

The standard is to eat it with yogurt like jam, but the staff's recommendation as a cold amazake is to mix it with carbonated water and ice to make "amazake soda" .

It's a healthy carbonated drink that doesn't use sugar, so please try it. Of course, you can also enjoy it with other amazake.

↑ Kojiya Motomiya Wild grape sweet sake

2. Black amazake

This amazake is a rare amazake made by our only Okinawa awamori maker using black koji mold.

The big difference from other amazake is that it contains citric acid.

Black koji mold is a koji mold necessary for making shochu, mainly in Kyushu and Okinawa. Black amazake made with black koji mold has a sweet and sour finish with natural citric acid.

It's a straight type, but it's thick and thick, so you can drink it with ice. For cold amazake, if you mix it with carbonated water and drink it, the sourness will stand out more, making it a more summery drink. Also, the manufacturer recommends mixing it with fruit juice, vegetable juice, or soy milk . The sweetness of fruit and vegetable juices and the richness of soy milk make it easier to drink, so it is recommended.

↑ Chuko Brewery Black Amazake 720ml

3.Fruit amazake

This amazake is sweet sake with fruit juice that is perfect for summer.

Amazake, which was popular last year, was revived in July this year. All domestic fruit juice is used, making it an amazake that you can enjoy like a juice.

This is recommended for hot summers, as it can be chilled and eaten as it is, or frozen in the freezer and served like sherbet . You can enjoy a gentle sherbet that does not use sugar. There are many kinds, so please try to change the taste and enjoy it.

↑ Kojiwadaya Fruit Amazake

Of course, all of them are non-alcoholic, sugar-free, nutritious rice koji amazake.

Please try chilled amazake in the hot summer when you don't have an appetite and use your physical strength.


Thank you for reading to the end today.




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