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Among them, customers

“What is the difference between fresh amazake and pasteurized amazake? Which one should you choose? 』

I am often asked.

This time, I will briefly explain the difference between the two types of amazake.

Features of Nama Amazake

Since it is not heated, the enzymes are alive, and the decomposition speed by the enzyme is high, and it is characterized by the fast decomposition speed. However, it has a disadvantage that it deteriorates quickly due to its low storage stability. Also, during storage, it must be refrigerated to prevent changes in taste due to enzyme activity.

Characteristics of pasteurized amazake

Enzymes are inactivated by heating, but it is characterized by the fact that the storage stability increases and the taste is stable and delicious to drink. Regarding nutrients such as glucose produced by the activity of enzymes, there is almost no difference from fresh amazake. It is also recommended to use it as a substitute for sugar in cooking.

Each type of amazake has its own characteristics, so if you compare the tastes and use them well in cooking, your amazake life will be more enjoyable.

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