What is "fermentation" in the first place? |Ren MURO, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake [official mail order]

What is "fermentation" in the first place? /Ren MURO Kagurazaka store, a store specializing in rice malt amazake

Fermented foods are deeply rooted in our lives around the world, whether Japanese or Western.
Japan is known as the "Kingdom of Fermentation" as a fermentation-advanced country that sees the marrow in the world.
Fermented foods are very rich.
The more you think you should be eating something every day,
Fermented foods are a familiar part of our lives, but what is fermentation in the first place? and
Going back to the origin, I think there are many people who don't know it.

This time, I will write on the theme of "What is fermentation in the first place?"

What is fermentation in the first place?

Fermentation, simply put, is the transformation of food by the power of microorganisms.
Microorganisms involved in fermentation are classified into three types: mold, yeast, and bacteria.

Typical molds include koji mold, which produces koji, which is the raw material for amazake.
Yeast has the property of producing carbon dioxide and alcohol when making bread and alcohol.
Bacillus natto, which lives in rice straw, is famous for bacteria.

There are many other types of microorganisms, but when you hear fungi and mold,
You may have an image of rotting food that makes it inedible, dirty, and bad for your health.

However, fermentation is carried out by the vital activity of these microorganisms, and thanks to this, many delicious fermented foods are produced.

So what is the difference between fermentation and putrefaction?

Difference Between Fermentation and Rotting

Things that work beneficially for humans = Fermentation
Things that have a negative impact on humans = Corruption

Simply put, fermentation is the beneficial function of microorganisms to humans.
(By fermenting, it becomes more delicious, more nutritious, more storable, and easier to digest and absorb.)
On the other hand, putrefaction refers to adverse effects such as stomach upsets and poor physical condition when eaten by humans.

Microorganisms are the same as humans, they just find food to live and a place to live comfortably and reproduce.
And when you get that comfortable environment, you have the energy to grow at a very fast speed.
If you think that bacteria, which are microorganisms, are not trying to do bad things, you can't see them, but they are similar to humans, animals, and plants.
Don't you feel like you're a living creature?

Thanks to these microorganisms and bacteria, delicious fermented foods will be made.
Next time, I will introduce this type of microorganism in a little more detail.

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