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Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.
Today, under the name of "Amazake Craft Story", we will introduce a popular amazake brewer at Ren MURO .

This is Tenryo Brewery, which produces “Amazake no Moto” and “Oligosaccharide Amazake”, which boasts constant popularity among those who drink amazake every day.
Founded in 1680 in Gero City, Gifu Prefecture, it has a history of 340 years.

At the beginning of the Edo period, Hinoya Sabei, who traveled all over Honshu as a peddler, was attracted by the kindness of the people and the beautiful nature of Hida Takayama, and settled here.
So I started making sake while selling goods. In the Meiji era, the sake brewing business was established as a family business, and in 1956, it was incorporated as "Tenryo Brewery Co., Ltd." and continues to this day.

▲From where you can see Hida Hagiwara

■Rice grown in the abundant natural water of the Hida Mountains and its blessings

The spirit of the founder, who loved Hida's nature and humanity, has been handed down to the current eighth generation. Even now, we continue to preserve the traditional sake brewing method, mainly using abundant natural water pumped up from 30m underground in the Hida Mountains and rice grown in the blessings of the water, and using rice malt made from it.

▲ Abundant water springing from the Hida Mountains

Amazake brewing was started 22-23 years ago by the current 8th generation president, Uenoda, when amazake was not yet widespread.

The most important thing in amazake making is quality control. “The quality of amazake can easily change due to various factors, such as temperature and bacteria, so quality control is more thorough than anything else,” he says.
Until a few years ago, he was making amazake for a major food manufacturer, and he was praised for his excellent specs, with no troubles a year.

▲Koji making by brewer

At first, Mr. Tenryo was also making amazake at the same place where sake is made, and he said that there were various problems at first. We have made improvements such as using a color sorter to prevent black rice from entering, aiming for more stable quality, and established a food factory that meets the concept of HACCP (global hygiene management certification) in 2016. Did.

▲Tenryo Food Factory

In addition to amazake, processed foods such as tsukudani are also made, and the current goal is to obtain HACCP for amazake. There are very few places that use amazake for HACCP, and you can really feel their commitment to quality control.

▲Sake brewery amazake

■Amazake filled with various specialties

A representative amazake made by Tenryo Brewery is “Sake Brewery Amazake no Moto”.
Amazake with a rich flavor that uses sake brewing rice mainly from Gifu Prefecture and makes the most of the natural water of the Hida Mountains. It comes in a bottle, which is rare for diluted types, and is popular with people who drink amazake every day and those who enjoy it with their families.

Actually, this bottle is also particular. It is sealed with a stainless steel cap, which is not found in other amazake, and it is opened with a bottle opener and re-corked with the attached plastic cap. Tenryo Shuzo's amazake is sterilized at high temperature after being packed in a container, so it is said that it uses a stainless steel cap that can withstand heat and does not rust. This is also the method adopted as the most optimal form in terms of quality control.

▲ Oligosaccharide Amazake

In addition, "oligosaccharide amazake" converts rice starch into oligosaccharide. No chemical seasonings, preservatives, or colorings are added, and no sugar is used. "Oligosaccharides" are said to be "food" that increases the number of "bifidobacteria", which are famous as good bacteria, suppress the growth of harmful bacteria and bacteria, and improve the function of the stomach and intestines.
President Uenoda says, "I want to make products that other people don't use, without using additives." I'm in.

Tenryo Sake Brewery's amazake is packed with the commitment of searching for innovative ways while preserving tradition. Please, try it.

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