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Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.

In today's blog, under the name of "Amazake Craft Story", we will introduce a popular amazake brewer at Ren MURO .

The brewery introduced in the second installment is “Shirakami Tezukuri Koubou,” which makes our popular product “Shirakami Sasara.”

"Shirakami Sasara" is a popular lactic acid fermented amazake from "Shirakami Tezukuri Koubou" in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture.
We use lactobacillus ``Shirakami Sasara'', which was born in the Shirakami Mountains, a World Natural Heritage Site, and rice and rice malt from ``Akitakomachi'', a brand of rice produced in Akita Prefecture, and brewed with the famous water of Shirakami Sansui.

Amazake made with naturally grown ingredients

▲World Natural Heritage, Shirakami-Sanchi

The Shirakami Mountains, a World Natural Heritage Site that straddles Akita and Aomori Prefectures, is home to the world's largest virgin beech forest, which has remained virtually untouched for about 8,000 years. "Shirakami Sasara" is a lactic acid bacterium that has survived over 8,000 years of survival competition discovered in the Shirakami Mountains.

▲Akita-produced brand rice “Akitakomachi” is used.

Lactic acid fermented amazake “Shirakami Sasara” uses lactic acid bacterium “Shirakami Sasara” born in the Shirakami Mountains, rice and rice malt from Akitakomachi, a brand of rice produced in Akita Prefecture, and is brewed in the famous water of Shirakami Sansui. It is amazake made from ingredients grown naturally in the Shirakami Mountains.
It is a sweet, sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake with a gentle sweetness that you will never get tired of. From small children, pregnant women, elderly people can enjoy it deliciously.

Double fermentation power by rice koji and lactic acid bacteria

▲ Contains GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid)

Lactobacillus amazake “Shirakami Sasara” contains about 10 times more GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) than normal rice koji amazake due to the double fermentation power of rice koji and lactic acid bacteria.
GABA can be expected to have effects such as "anti-stress effect" and "tranquilizing effect". It is said that more than 30 mg of GABA is required per day, and this amount is included in one Shirakami Sasara.

▲Lactic acid bacterium “Shirakami Sasara”

“Shirakami Sasara” is highly effective for health due to koji mold and lactic acid bacteria that make use of the blessings of nature. There are four flavors: plain, apple, yuzu, and mandarin orange.

▲Shirakami Sasara (plain, apple, yuzu, mandarin orange)

Plain can feel the taste of amazake later. Sweet and sour apple spreads throughout the mouth. Yuzu is a taste for adults where you can enjoy bittersweet yuzu juice. The mandarin orange has a low acidity, making it easy for children to drink.

All of them are sweet sake that you won't get tired of. Would you like to incorporate it as a daily habit as a health support drink for yourself and your loved ones?

Click here for the Amazake handling list of Shirakami Tezukuri Koubou Handmade Studio

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