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Good evening. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.
In today's blog, under the name of "Amazake Craft Story", we will introduce a popular amazake brewer at Ren MURO .

 The memorable first time is “Takazen Shoten”, “a serious koji maker in Esashi, Oshu, Iwate Prefecture”.

Founded in 1797 (Kansei 9), after the Sino-Japanese War in the Meiji period, in 1896, when the company was about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Mr. Zennosuke, the grandfather of the current president, Mr. Shimpei Takahashi, changed the trade name to Takazen Kojiten. Then, he built a koji room surrounded by red brick walls and shifted to the production of rice koji.
Currently, the 9th president, Mr. Shimpei Takahashi, is working every day to continue to provide safe and secure traditional food with quality first, based on the company motto of "Taking lessons from the past".
Also, in recent years, we have been focusing on making pickles with local manufacturers, valuing Iwate Prefecture's vegetables and seasonal ingredients.

Manufactured in a red brick room built in the middle of the Meiji period

▲The koji room was built in 1896 to mark the 100th anniversary of its founding.

We stick to the old-fashioned hand-made method of making koji, and we manufacture fluffy raw koji right from the room. It is also characterized by a high sugar content because it is not processed such as drying.
Kozen Shoten's koji is manufactured in a red brick room built in the mid-Meiji period. In koji making, where temperature control is important, the inside of the koji is regularly checked so that it does not get hot inside, and thorough temperature control produces high-quality koji.
Then, after leaving it on the koji floor for a day, we carefully put it on the koji board one by one and let it rest for another two days in the koji room.

We have a wide variety of amazake, such as amazake made from grains and ancient rice, and amazake made from Hitomebore glutinous rice, which is rare in commercially available amazake. It is no exaggeration to say that Amazake Maker is for people who love grains.

It is a delicious amazake made with local ingredients that is gentle on the body and calms the mind. It's perfect for when you want to get in shape, or when you want to give peace and nourishment to your body.

Takazen Shoten's amazake comes in many plastic pouches and cases, so it's easy to take home. It's the perfect size for drinking, so it's especially popular with female customers.
In addition, the simple design is recommended as a combination gift. Please take this opportunity to try Amazake from Takazen Shoten.

Click here for the Amazake handling list of Takazen Shoten Shoten

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