Notice of reopening of stores and Kagurazaka amazake recommended for early summer | Amazake specialty store Ren MURO Muro [official mail order]

Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.

We have also notified the media,

Due to the cancellation of the emergency declaration on May 25th, we will reopen the Ren MURO Kagurazaka store from June 1st.

Thank you to all of you who have been looking forward to it.

Business hours will be shortened from 11:00 to 18:00 .

All the staff are looking forward to seeing you.


By the way, in today's blog, I would like to introduce "Kagurazaka amazake recommended for early summer".

In my last blog, I talked about the secret story behind the birth of Kagurazaka amazake.

Kagurazaka amazake plain was born in July 2018, but its companions, yuzu flavor and kabosu flavor, were born a year later in July 2019.

They use plenty of yuzu and kabosu juice from Oita Prefecture, and have a moderately sour and refreshing taste.

Especially in the hot and humid season, it is recommended to drink it chilled with ice. Also, Kabosu, which is a house product, will start appearing after July, so it will be a seasonal advance.


Of course, Kagurazaka amazake is also popular as a gift. The elegant Japanese paper label is very popular as a gift, and the set of 3 bottles of Kagurazaka Amazake is especially recommended.

Please try to drink and compare.

Of course, it is also sold at stores, so I will introduce you when you come to the store.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Thank you for reading to the end today.



Noren MURO Kagurazaka

Address: 1-12-6 Kagurazaka , Shinjuku -ku, Tokyo 162-0825

Phone number: 03-5579-2910

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  • 米麹・甘酒専門店 MURO神楽坂

    MURO(むろ)は、麹を製造する神聖な場所「麹室(こうじむろ)」が名前の由来です。「KOJIを通じて、人々の健康や豊かな食に貢献する」をコンセプトにしたKOJI FOODS(麹を使った食品・調味料)やKOJI DRINK(甘酒)のブランドです。
    店舗には管理栄養士や発酵食品ソムリエなど、甘酒好き、甘酒通のスタッフが体質やお好みを伺って お客様に合うような甘酒の種類や飲み方を提案しております。
    沢山のこだわりの甘酒の中から、ぜひお気に入りの一本、お気に入りの作り手さんに出会って 日々の体と心の健康にお役立ていただけますと幸いです。